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Tiki Tapa is now available FREE on iOS & Android

Sync Interactive News and PR from Sync Interactive - Published 08 September 2015 Our latest internal games release Tiki Tapa is now live for both Android and iOS. Find out more over at tikitapa.com or download it now for free!
Tiki Tapa is the ULTIMATE mobile tiki taka football game! Play the beautiful game the beautiful way! Free on iOS & Android.

With multiple games modes, whether you want a quick pick up play session to beat your highest score and work your way up the scoreboards, or you want to take on the league or challenge your friends to an online game using multiple devices, Tiki Tapa has it all!

ARCADE: Free play mode that gets harder and faster the longer you can keep going! With randomised weather and player styles, keep going for as long as you as can to get the maximum number of passes and work your way up the global scoreboard!

CAREER: Play through the full career mode of the global leagues to become the best in the world!

ONLINE: Play with your friends and take control of the attackers or defenders across two different devices to challenge other players directly.

REPLAYS: Oh, and all of the above feature replays of your greatest games that you can share with the world!
Tiki Tapa is now available FREE on iOS & Android

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