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Planning against down time

Spooner Industries Ltd News and PR from Spooner Industries Ltd - Published 01 June 2015 In the harsh environment of pulp and paper mills an estimated 60% plus of machine breakdowns are usually attributable to maintenance issues...
In response, a strengthened team harnessing new technology are delivering new services as the rebranded Spooner Plus. Designed to add value to customer’s equipment via optimisation and improved reliability, Spooner Plus Manager, Andrew Stead said:

“With a combination of old machines and new operators, many of our customers value advice and support in training and ensuring maximum machine efficiency. The opportunity to extend our Spares & Service operation in both practical and technical terms adds real value, ultimately improving quality and elongating machine life for our customers.”

PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) is a key element of the Spooner Plus services and of particular value in the paper industry. With mills operating on a 24/7 basis, the value of regular inspection and maintenance checks cannot be ignored. Producing a PPM programme for customer’s maintenance staff to carry out that fits alongside operational needs, Spooner Plus will also plan in appropriate visits by a dedicated team of Spooner Plus engineers. Developing a close relationship with the customer, the team will ensure all possible issues are identified and addressed before any concerns arise and any major maintenance requirements will be accommodated within planned shutdown periods.

Paper mills can also benefit from Remote Interrogation – just one of the new services on offer through Spooner Plus. Providing opportunities for predictive maintenance the service is run online via a VPN connection. Spooner process experts can interrogate the operating history of equipment and monitor, analyse and resolve any issues.

This can be provided on a regular, ongoing basis, delivering excellent product support and continual optimisation of the equipment.
Online Training has also been developed via an online platform linking to the Spooner Plus website. This provides remote access to tailored training packages to gain Spooner accreditation. Created to educate new and existing personnel and promote understanding of the capabilities and limits of the equipment, the training ensures confident operation and maintenance whilst informed decisions on process improvements can be made.

The Spooner Plus team consists of Service and Process Engineers together with in-house design facilities. Backed by over 80 years’ unrivalled worldwide experience in industrial processing solutions, Spooner Plus is in the continuous improvement process business to stay. Andrew Stead sums it up:
“Spooner Plus is here to help. Our aim is to be first and foremost in everybody’s mind when they have a technical problem so their first call is to Spooner Plus.”
PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) is a key element of the Spooner Plus services

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