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MP35N Fasteners

Hague Fasteners Limited News and PR from Hague Fasteners Limited - Published 09 March 2015 One of the materials that Hague Fasteners are increasingly manufacturing in is MP35N.
MP35N alloy is a nonmagnetic, nickel-cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy possessing a unique combination of ultrahigh tensile strength, good ductility and toughness, and excellent corrosion resistance.

MP35N has applications in many industries like oil and gas, aerospace and even the subsea industry. MP35N can also be effectively used at cryogenic temperatures without embrittlement whilst keeping its properties at temperatures up to 600°F. MP35N is able to resist corrosion to most mineral acid, hydrogen sulphide and seawater environments whilst exhibiting excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen embrittlement, even at high strength levels. It is a material that Hague Fasteners have seen growth in demand during the last 12 months.
Some of the typical uses of MP35N in various industries are as follows:

- Downhole Pump Drive Shafts and Tools
- High Stength marine Components
- Valve Stems and Pump Shafts
- Fastener system components like pins, shear bolt and Engineering Studs and Hex Bolts.

MP35N alloy can be hot and cold worked and formed by a wide variety of processes. Work strengthening can be accomplished by processes such as extruding, rolling, swaging and drawing. It can also be TIG welded, its weldability is actually similar to Type 304 Stainless Steel.
One of the materials that Hague Fasteners are increasingly manufacturing in is ‘MP35N’

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