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Here we go ! The UK soft fruit season is well underway

Progressive ID News and PR from Progressive ID - Published 11 May 2017 Being well prepared is essential to getting your orders out without delay.

Check stocks of thermal transfer ribbons: Demand for consumables will increase as the season gets underway so please order well in advance to make sure you have sufficient opening stocks.

Test printers and label software: Print a few print jobs on a range of different label stocks at least two weeks before the main production starts. This will give you ample time to find and correct any technical issues with either the printers or software.

Check the print head condition: If the printer has not been used (or used intensively) for a while, check the condition of the print head. If you have faded or missing print please contact us immediately to arrange a service call.

Check the main feed path of the printer: As with the print head, check the condition of the platen rollers, pinch belt rollers and label guides. If any parts are worn please contact us to discuss service options.

Check the air filter: This little piece of plastic on the side of the printer is essential for ensuring good air flow to the electronics preventing the print head and ribbon motors from over heating. Remove and shake out any trapped dust and dirt.


Windows XP will no longer be supported or receive software updates (security and service packs). If you intend to update your operating system or replace your PCs we strongly recommend that you purchase Windows 10.

Moving your Vector or DataGuard labelling system to a new PC is not always a straight forward process and should be arranged by appointment with as much notice as possible. If appropriate we will attempt to transfer software via a remote session, however an onsite visit may be required.

Please call 01732 850070to discuss your requirements in more detail.


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new IPA Cleaning Wipes as part of our comprehensive range of cleaning products. These strong wipes contain 100% Isopropyl Alcohol for effective cleaning of the thermal print head, feed path and label guides. Available as either a box of 1,000 or a bag of 250 individual sachets.
A robust preventative maintenance regime can you money in unnecessary repair costs.

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