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Progressive ID

  • Toshiba Thermal Transfer Ribbon Supplier
  • Label Systems for Fresh Produce
  • Barcode Scanners and Verifiers, Mobile Computers
  • Thermal Transfer Label Printers


Unit 2a Valley Industries
Cuckoo Lane
TN11 0AG

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Excellence through technology and service Our Products

Progressive ID is a specialist barcode and product identification solutions provider for business, offering a full range of products including thermal transfer printers, thermal ribbons, barcode scanners, labelling software and barcode verifiers.

Our working relationships with clients, suppliers and partner firms allows us to provide market leading products backed by dedicated technical support cover.

Progressive ID believe in excellence through technology and service and has a successful ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Thermal Transfer Label Printers
Thermal Transfer Ribbons
Thermal Printer Service & Parts
1D and 2D Barcode Scanners
Mobile Computers
Labelling Software
Barcode Verifiers
Plain labels

Toshiba Premium VAR Supplier Specialist Status

Progressive ID has been a Toshiba TEC dealer for over a decade and has grown to become one of the UKs leading Auto ID Premium Business Partners.

Auto ID Solutions not Sales

Our intimate product knowledge and technical expertise we are Media and Service Specialists too means we can help you choose the best solution for your business and provide integrated expert support.

Market Leading Products
Toshiba TEC have a reputation for quality and their printers are long-lasting and robust for modern industrial settings. Key features such as hinged print heads and Ribbon Save technology help businesses maintain high levels of productivity without sacrificing print quality or ease of use.

Industrial Printers
Toshiba B-EX4T1
Toshiba B-EX4T2
Toshiba B-SX5
Toshiba B-SX6
Toshiba B-852
Toshiba B-EX4D2

Desktop Printers

Toshiba B-EV4
Toshiba B-SA4
Toshiba B-FV4

Mobile Printers
Toshiba B-EP2 and B-EP4|

Specialist Service and Support
Progressive ID are able to provide full technical support for Toshiba printers including telephone support, onsite or workshop repair as well as user guides and videos available online. Frequently issues are resolved over the phone saving your business the money on engineer call outs.
Specialist Status

Toshiba Thermal Transfer Ribbons Leading Manufacturers

Progressive ID supply over one million pounds of thermal transfer ribbons including original, compatible and our own brand to UK business every year.

Original Manufacturer Thermal Ribbons
We supply original manufacturers thermal transfer ribbons Toshiba TEC, Datamax O'Neil, ICE Zodiac inline coders, Sato, Citizen and Zebra.

High Quality Compatible Grades
Low cost alternatives with no loss in quality from leading manufacturers including Armor and ITW B112 Thermal Films. These manufacturers also include innovative products such as the Armor SolFree AWR470 Wax which is the greenest ribbon on the market with significantly reduced Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Request a Sample
Samples from all brands are available for you to test ribbon grades with your labels.

Wax grades for flat head printers
Toshiba AW3
Toshiba SW1

Wax-Resin grades for near edge printers
Toshiba AG2
Toshiba AG3
Toshiba AG4
Toshiba AG5
Toshiba RG2
Toshiba SG2

Resin Grades - Premium Quality
Toshiba AS1
Toshiba AS2
Toshiba AS3
Toshiba RS1
Toshiba SS1

Label Software Designed for Fresh Produce Quick Tour

A Full Label System, Not Just Software
DataGuard 3 is a comprehensive label system for managing product data, designing labels and printing labels. Useful features include database driven variable data, print time prompts, automated shelf life dates.

Manage Products and Labels
DataGuard 3 is database driven and our structure has been honed over the years to allow you to easily manage your product data. Multiple growers, pack houses, product varieties, sizes, and label designs can all be managed from the database allowing you to control what can be printed and when. Individual products lines can be turned on or off so if certain products are seasonal you cannot accidentally print them at the wrong time of year.

Publish Securely to Multiple Sites
If you use other pack houses that need to print your labels we have tools that can co-ordinate labelling with secure file publishing. Data can be easily distributed to any number of external sites who can download and print your labels but crucially cannot make any alterations.

Consultation and Installation
Each system we build is designed specifically around your business needs so it works the way you want it to. Each system is initially built as a framework which is then installed and populated with your data.

Training and Support
Progressive ID provides full onsite training when installing the label system enabling you and your team to quickly and effectively manage the system. Telephone support, remote desktop support and numerous user guides are also available to help you troubleshoot any issues.

Barcode Scanners and Mobile Computers Leading Manufacturers

Progressive ID supply an extensive range of data capture, barcode verifier and mobile computers from leading manufacturers including Datalogic, Intermec, Opticon and Motorola.

Barcode Scanners
Modern barcode scanners are available in a wide range of options from low cost scanners to wireless, rugged scanners able to withstand more than general wear and tear.

Mobile Computers
These powerful tools for business provide barcode data capture coupled with smartphone capabilities such as email, web browsing and office applications.

Barcode Scanners
Opticon C37
Opticon OPI-3301
Datalogic Gryphon GD4100
Datalogic PowerScan Series

Mobile Computers
Datalogic Elf
Datalogic Skorpio X3
Honeywell 70e
Intermec CN51
Opticon H22
Datalogic Heron HD3100

Axicon Barcode Verifiers ISO Compliant

Progressive ID only supply ISO compliant barcode verifiers along with advanced analysis software which allow you to inspect the performance of your barcodes, generate detailed technical reports and provide immediate feedback; pin-pointing any faults and how to fix them.

Plug-ins extend the core features of the software adding product reference look-ups, job references as well as unique barcode types for fresh produce, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Retail Verifier
Axicon 6015
Axicon 6025-S

Retail and Trade Verifier
Axicon 6515
Axicon 6525-S

Trade Verifier
Axicon 7015
Axicon 7025-S

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Toshiba B-EX6 Label & Tag Printer


Product Details
Model Number B-EX6-T1

DataGuard 2 Label Software

Secure label software for fresh produce. Features include printing to ICE inline coders with editable job names, automated shelf life dates, full control on what data can be printed on each label.

Product Details
Brand name DataGuard 2

Toshiba B-EX4 Label Printer

The fasted 4-inch label printer available with print speeds up to 14-inches per second. Choose from 200 or 300 DPI print head resolution. USB 2.0 and Ethernet ports fitted as standard.

Product Details
Brand name Toshiba TEC
Model Number B-EX4T1-TS12-QM-R
Dimensions LxWxH 460x278x310 Normal
Weight 17 Kilos
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Units

Axicon 6525-S Barcode Verifier

High speed USB 2.0 verifier with continuous scan feature able to verify both retail and trade barcodes. Supplied in robust transit case with calibration card and software.

Product Details
Brand name Axicon
Model Number 6525-S

Toshiba Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Original branded Toshiba Thermal Transfer Ribbon for all Toshiba thermal transfer printers. All grades available in various widths dependent on printer model.

Product Details
Brand name Toshiba TEC
Model Number AG2, AG3, AG4, AG5, SG2, AW3, SW1, AS1, AS2, AS3, SS1
  • DataGuard 3 Labelling Software
  • Toshiba Thermal Transfer Ribbons
  • Toshiba B-EX4 Printer
  • Labelling Software
  • Thermal Transfer Printers
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons
  • Labels
  • Thermal Printer Service
  • Barcode Scanners and Verifiers

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