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What is the thickness of WetWall Shower Perform Panels

Perform Panel News and PR from Perform Panel - Published 14 December 2023 Perform Panel Wetwall solid plywood shower panels are typically available in thicknesses well-suited for shower and wet area applications. The most prevalent thickness for these panels is 11mm, offering the required strength and durability to withstand moisture and daily use in a shower or wet area, and facilitating easy installation.
It's important to mention that certain manufacturers or product lines may present thickness variations or offer options for panels with added reinforcement. These variations can be influenced by specific design and performance considerations.
When choosing wetwall solid plywood shower panels, it's crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines concerning installation and usage to ensure optimal performance, waterproofing, and longevity. Moreover, local building codes and regulations may stipulate requirements for shower wall materials, making it advisable to confirm compliance with these standards.
Shower panels made from plywood are often produced with a thickness of approximately 11mm, and several factors contribute to the popularity of this thickness for shower and wet area applications. Here are some reasons why the 11mm thickness is commonly preferred:
Strength and Durability: The 11mm thickness ensures ample structural strength and durability, capable of withstanding the rigors of a wet environment. It can support the weight of fixtures, endure daily use, and resist warping or bending.
Moisture Resistance: Plywood inherently possesses some resistance to moisture, and the 11mm thickness enhances this property. While the surface may be treated for waterproofing, the thickness contributes to maintaining the panel's integrity in a wet environment.
Ease of Handling: Striking a balance between robustness for wet areas and ease of handling during installation, the 11mm thickness is a practical choice. Thicker panels can be heavier and more cumbersome to work with.
Installation: Panels with an 11mm thickness are typically designed for straightforward installation. Thicker panels may require more complex installation methods.
Aesthetics: The 11mm thickness allows for a sleek and modern appearance while preserving the necessary performance characteristics.
Perform panel wetwall solid plywood shower panels are 11mm thick and suitable for shower and bathroom environments.

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