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Nu Lock Plywood Returns

Perform Panel News and PR from Perform Panel - Published 18 November 2022 Tongue & Grooved panels are once again manufactured with 7-Ply Birch Plywood
We are delighted to inform you that we have now sourced an alternative suitable birch plywood for the manufacture of our Nu-Lock panels, www.performboad.co.uk
We have now successfully secured a 7-ply birch plywood, which has all the qualities and properties of our
previous board. This product has been tested and trialed and meets our strict criteria and rigorous quality
checks. In addition to this, important to our core values, we had to ensure that any material was sourced
ethically, and we are pleased to advise our new plywood is manufactured in Europe.
Therefore, as of 1st November, we can begin to supply our Nu-Lock panels in plywood again.
7-Ply Birch tongue and grooved panels carry a 35 year guarantee

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