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Convert Ltd invests in new test equipment.

Convert Ltd News and PR from Convert Ltd - Published 27 July 2012
As part of our continuous invertment in equipment, we have recently invested in new test equipment in order to ensure our customer receive the highest quality products.

New equipment includes Crimp Force Monitors for our Mecal TT Presses.

The CFA1000 Crimp Force analyser system allows us to check the quality of all crimping operations carried out on our Mecal TT presses. This information helps to ensure that the quality of the crimping process is maintained from the beginning to the end of each batch of terminals applied.

This investment now means all of our main crimping presses now use crimp force analysers to automatically monitor the crimping forces used for every terminal applied. Any defect crimps are removed and separated from the rest of the batch to prevent progression through the manufacturing process.

We have also invested in a SLE SBL Micro Crimp Cross Section Lab, which allows us to cut a terminal in half and to produce a photograph of the cross section in order to help validate the crimping process. Test results from this process and from the Mecmesin Pull Tester can be provided to our customers to help show the quality and compliance of the manufacturing process.

These investments will help to insure that our production of cable harnesses and cable assemblies is too the highest quality.

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