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  • Lease & Contract Hire for all types of Cars & Van
  • We are very Competitive on Mercedes and Audi
  • Great Service - check out our Testiomonials
  • Lease & Contract Hire for all types of Cars & Van
  • We are very Competitive on Mercedes and Audi
  • Great Service - check out our Testiomonials
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Vehicle Savers Contract Hire & Leasing

Vehicle Savers is a company offering independent financial solutions for vehicle management, from large fleets to individual needs. Vehicle savers take the hassle out of working out which contracts listed below are the right contract for your Business car leasing.

Vehicle Savers also offer cheap car leasing whatever the vehicle may be you need - however large or small the requirements we will have the answer!

Who are Vehicle Savers?
• We provide independent financial solutions for vehicle management
...• In-house specialists in courtesy vehicles for the motor trade and body shop industry.
...• Contact us here if you are looking for fleet or simply better advice on cheap car leasing

What do we offer?

...• Substantial savings on business car leasing and cheap car leasing
...• Independent, impartial advice
...• Reduced vehicle administration costs on Business car leasing - Saving you money
...• Removal of vehicle disposal risks
...• Nationwide Service & free delivery and collection at end of contract to anywhere in the UK
...• Access to Private, Company and Commercial Vehicles using a variety of funding methods

Personal Hire:

For the private individual the more traditional methods of buying cars i.e. hire purchase, bank loan or from savings are becoming less and less attractive as more sophisticated and cost effective methods become available. In addition, many companies are choosing to give their current company car drivers "cash" instead of a company car, to allow them to make their own arrangements, and therefore avoid benefit in kind taxation.

We offer three options to the private user, traditional Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and Personal Contract Hire (PCH).

How does Personal Contract Hire work?

Personal Contract Hire delivers all the benefits of a company car to the private individual.

The monthly payment is calculated by taking the initial cost of the car, taking away the future estimated value, and dividing the difference over the number of months you require the car for (plus interest). As a leasing company we are allowed to reclaim all the initial VAT on the vehicle. This means that the monthly rental you pay is much lower as the cost of the car used to calculate the rental is lower by the VAT amount. You as the private individual will have access to our extensive buying power, which means the car costs less to start with, making the monthly rental even lower.

Personal Contract Hire gives the user a fixed equal monthly rental for a fixed contract term. At the end of the contract term you hand the car back and take delivery of a new one. No need to sell the vehicle privately and worry about its value.

Personal Contract Hire arrangements can also include a full maintenance package as part of the monthly rental. This provides full cover for all maintenance requirements from regular services, tyre replacements to more involved mechanical repairs. Because maintenance cover is provided as a fixed cost as part of the monthly rental, it removes the risk of unforeseen breakdowns and large repair bills.

Personal Contract Hire delivers a no hassle solution to running a car and as the costs are fixed and equal, it allows you to budget exactly for your car spend.

What are the advantages of Personal Contract Hire?

...• Fixed equal monthly payment
...• Can include fully inclusive maintenance cover
...• No need to sell vehicle at the end of its life
...• Access to large company buying power

Business Contract Hire:

Business Contract Hire has become the most popular method of acquiring vehicles for small and large businesses alike. Contract Hire provides an all-inclusive package that encompasses all the costs associated with running a vehicle covered under a fixed monthly rental. Contract Hire is available on any vehicle make or model and not only provides maximum protection from risk for companies who use it, but is also highly flexible to suit exact requirements.

How does Contract Hire Work?

A Contract Hire arrangement is based upon a fixed contract term from 24 to 60 months and a fixed mileage for the contract. These parameters are chosen to suit your exact needs and expected usage. From these parameters a fixed monthly rental is calculated which remains the same throughout the contract aiding budgeting as all costs are known in advance.

Fully inclusive maintenance cover can also be included. Again, this is a fixed cost as part of the monthly rental, and includes all maintenance requirements including regular servicing, tyre replacement and major mechanical failure. It doesn't matter how much work is required the monthly charge does not change, and there is nothing else to pay. Peace of mind, with no risk.

At the end of the contract the car is handed back to coincide with the replacement, simple as that. No need to worry about disposing of the car at the end of its life and the associated risks regarding the value of used cars.

From an accounting point of view Contract Hire holds many advantages over traditional outright purchase. Contract Hire is VAT efficient with 50% of the VAT on the finance and depreciation element of the rental being reclaimable, and 100% of the services and maintenance element. Companies who outright purchase their vehicles cannot reclaim any VAT.

Contract Hire aids cash flow as it removes the need to tie up large amounts of capital in depreciating assets, capital that could be better invested elsewhere in the business. Rentals can be entirely offset against corporation tax (up to £12,000 capital value), a huge advantage compared to restrictive writing down allowances in the case of owned vehicles as assets.

What are the benefits of Business Contract Hire?

...• Lower monthly rentals as the finance company reclaims VAT on the vehicle purchase
...• You can reclaim 50%* of the VAT on the monthly rentals.
...• The rentals are allowable against tax** reducing your tax liability
...• Monthly rentals are fixed, making budgeting easier.
...• You have no responsibility for the disposal of the vehicle.
...• 100% of the VAT is reclaimable on the optional vehicle maintenance program
...• You are not exposed to the depreciation risk against tax on your vehicle.
...• Contract hire is an off-balance sheet facility.
...• Your initial capital outlay is reduced allowing your funds to be retained in the business.

Finance Lease:

Finance Leasing is a cost effective, but more risky alternative to Contract Hire. Finance Leasing shares many of the advantages of Contract Hire whilst delivering lower monthly rentals.

How does Finance lease work?

A Finance Lease is calculated in much the same way as a Contract Hire arrangement. It involves a fixed monthly rental that is unchanging throughout a fixed contract term. Finance Lease is treated in much the same way as Contract Hire from a VAT point of view, as 50% of the VAT on the monthly rental relating to interest and depreciation can be reclaimed. In addition the rentals can be offset against corporation tax, an advantage of the restricted writing down allowances claimed where the asset has been purchased outright.

At the end of the fixed term the operating company must pay a final "balloon" payment. This balloon payment is pre-determined at the beginning of the contract and estimated to be close to the future predicted value of the vehicle.

At this stage the operating customer is appointed as a sales agent for dcmd and upon selling the vehicle will receive 95% of the sales proceeds as a sales commission to offset against the final "balloon" payment.

As the operating company therefore takes the risks in the disposal and used value of the vehicle, Finance Lease rentals tend to be lower than equivalent Contract Hire rentals.

Finance Leasing aids cash flow as it removes the need to tie up large amounts of capital in depreciating assets, capital that could be better invested elsewhere in the business.

What are the benefits of Finance Lease?

...• You can reclaim 50%* of the VAT on the monthly rentals
...• Your initial capital outlay is reduced allowing your funds to be retained in the business.
...• The rentals are allowable against tax** reducing your tax liability.
...• Monthly rentals are fixed, so budgeting is easier.

Hire Purchase:

Hire Purchase is the traditional method of funding vehicles and assets for both businesses and private individuals. It is straight forward and easy to understand and the user gains ownership of the vehicle at the end of the contract.

How does Hire Purchase work?

Hire Purchase is very simple: it involves the whole capital value of the vehicle (VAT included) being paid off plus interest over the chosen terms of the contract. It therefore delivers a fixed amount of equal and unchanging payments and then the user owns the vehicle.

Hire Purchase gives some cash flow advantages over outright purchase, but not to the extent of Contract Hire, Lease Purchase or Finance Lease.

From a taxation point of view, Hire Purchase is treated the same as Outright Purchase and Lease Purchase, and can provide an advantage on high value vehicles (those over £23,000 in value), over Contract Hire & Finance Lease.

What are the benefits of hire purchase?

...• Fixed term and fixed equal, unchanging payments
...• Vehicle is owned by user at the end of the contract
...• Cash flow advantage over Outright purchase
...• Taxation advantage on high value vehicles over Contract Hire and Lease Purchase

Should you Lease or Purchase:

Is leasing the right decision for your business? Or is an Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA) your best bet? A lease is a financing agreement that can be structured to meet specific needs. To decide if leasing is the best option, you need to first ask yourself:

How important is conserving our cash or bank credit lines?
What will our equipment or technology needs be in the future?
What is the most efficient way to pay for equipment or technology?
Do I want to pledge other assets or my home as collateral to the bank?

For most businesses "Cash is King", meaning cash is the most important resource for its future. Other businesses are constantly changing their equipment and technology due to obsolescence, so a lease with continuous upgrades is a smart option. Leases are not loans; they are a type of rental agreement so only the equipment is collateral. Many bank loans require large down payments and additional collateral, including your home.

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five stars
C Fox,

Really efficient staff. Price was very appealing and much cheaper than anywhere else that I had looked. Received the car yesterday and is spot on.

five stars
M Brincat,

This was my first vehicle lease and Donna’s extensive knowledge and willingness to help and explain the whole leasing process in detail made the whole experience great.

five stars
Terry Moore,

Thanks for supplying our new courtesy cars as always your services was very prompt & efficient. We are very pleased with the new vehicles & would recommend vehicle savers. Many thanks Terry Moore.

five stars
A Mooney,

This is the first time I have used VehicleSavers and I have not been disappointed from the great price to the even better service I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone considering leasing a vehicle.

five stars
I Marcroft,

My current vehicle was from Arval, you would think that an income bent customer would get a good rate, but they were coming out £40-60 more expensive per month, and VW direct even more expensive, good little website for getting a quick quote. We have already recommended vehicle savers to a friend.

five stars
S Shoulder,

The overall experience with Vehicle savers was very quick and easy. I have a brand new Mercedes sitting in my driveway and it only took around 10 days from my initial enquiry to receiving my car. I am very pleased with how it has all worked out and i would recommend Vehiclesavers to my friends and family.

five stars
M Newman,

We have used Vehiclesavers three times and they always come up trumps!

five stars
M Georgiou-Holden,

Vehicle savers are a fantastic company to work with, efficient, polite, knowledgeable and have fantastic pricing in today's market place. I would recommend to anybody looking to lease to use vehicle savers

five stars
K Williamson,

Vehiclesavers were fast and efficient in delivery my choice of vehicle. The process was dealt with from an initial enquiry in less than 10 working days to delivery, absolutely excellent.

five stars
M Gillooly,

I would be happy to use Vehicle Savers for all my future vehicles as the service was excellent and prices are hard to beat!