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BVRLA - British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association

  • Safe and sustainable road transport
  • cost effective
  • Regular quality assurance inspections
  • Approx 250,000 vehicles for rental
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British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association


The BVRLA was established in 1967 as the association for firms engaged in the rental and leasing of commercial vehicles and cars.

The association has a large membership of organisations who provide short term self drive rental, fleet management and leasing hire to consumers and business users. As a collective, BVRLA members operate a combined fleet of around 2.5 million vans, cars and trucks.

The BVRLA represents the interests of more than 10 million users of rental vehicles each year and over 2.5 million individuals who drive for a living.

It regulates the industry through a regular series of quality assurance inspections and a mandatory code of conduct.

Please visit our website for more information about the BVRLA and members of the association.

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