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    Windows Opening Solutions

    Rocburn Ltd is a fast growing and innovative company that specialises in providing electric and manual window control systems and ventilation solutions for high level windows and vents , inaccessible windows, difficult window types or multiple openings.

    At Rocburn Ltd you always get to speak with an expert for advice – we love speaking with customers!. We are happy to discuss your problems and challenges – whether these be height, limited access or health and safety, and offer the best solutions at extremely competitive prices. Our team are dedicated to providing superior ventilation solutions all of which can be tailored to meet your own specific requirements. We not only compete on range and price but can also provide our customers with a fast turn around and delivery.

    Our vast experience in this field provides us with an expertise that enables us to offer our customers a wide range of window openers to cater for solutions in both home and corporate applications.

    Electric Window Openers

    Electric window openers are the modern solution for window automation. Windows can be controlled by switch, control panel, rain sensor thermostat or incorporated into a building management system.

    Rocburn Ltd provide a comprehensive range of electric window openers including single chain openers and twin chain openers for use on larger windows that require two push points. We also supply linear actuators for rooflites and some of the larger heavy windows.

    Manual Window Openers

    Manual window openers can be fitted to almost all types of windows and can operate on single and multiple high level windows using a remote handle. These openers can be fitted to top and side hung windows, skylight and roof windows and bottom hung open in or out systems, all of which are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

    Window Control Systems

    Our range of Venset window openers from Denmark provides a cost effective solution especially in those hard to reach window situations. These openers are particularly useful for the elderly or less abled. They can be operated from a well located panel switch or remote control which is capable of running up to five windows individually or together.

    The impressive AXA RV2900 battery opening system offers wire free remote control operation with easy fitting. Manufactured in Holland they are suitable for top hung windows with up to 130mm opening capacity and where a wire free solution is required.

    Traditional Window Openers

    Rocburn can provide solutions for most traditional window systems. We offer a range of both poles and openers to suit almost every need. They provide effortless operation for even high up conservatory windows and skylights. Our products here include telescopic screw jack winders with twin threads, screw jacks with handles and single thread screw jacks, all with bracket options to suit either timber or uPVC vents. A huge choice of opener poles is also provided in brass, aluminium and wood to suit most styles and requirements.

    Greenhouse Window Openers

    Being temperature operated, automatic window openers are perfect for use in greenhouses and conservatories enabling complete control of the temperature within. These openers are available in various models to suit different applications such weight loading and maximum opening capacity. Clip on model openers are also available. All however come with warranty and fitting instructions.

    To find out which type of window opening system would best suit your requirements please give us a call.

    Smoke Ventilation and Control Systems

    Rocburn can supply a range of electric window actuators and products to enable you to achieve the required free vent area as specified by the Fire Officer or Building Control.

    We can supply single or multiple zone control panels. The 24V actuator is perfect for stairwells and lobbies.

    Roof Vents
    Roof vents which open to 140 degrees are not only efficient smoke vents but also allow escape of personnel onto roof areas. The Rocburn access hatch smoke vent range fit all support types including wood, steel and concrete and can be controlled by thermofuse or electric. They are compliant with European regulation EN12101-2.

    The Rocburn standard louvre smoke vent range can be wall or glazed mounted to fit all surface types and come in a range of finishes to match the architecture of the building or structure. They are to EN 12101-2 and NFS 61 937-1 standards.

    The NSHEV flat roof louvre vents are also to EN 12101-2 and NFS 61 937-1 standards and fit any roof structure.

    The facade casement ventilator is for wall installation and can be bottom, top or side hung and opening inwards or outwards.

    Ventilation Controls
    Digital smoke and natural ventilation controls are programmable for auto opening windows, roof vents and smoke dampers. They are ideal for day to day ventilation as well as smoke and CO2 and environmental control such as temperature.

    If you're looking for a system that best suits your application talk to one of the knowledgeable and experienced team at Rocburn today.

    At Rocburn we are passionate about making commercial and domestic buildings safe for your protection. We are also proud of the fact that we only supply the best smoke and ventilation systems around. Our experienced team will make sure you receive the best advice possible along with a high quality installation service. As the fastest growing electric and manual window opening and ventilation specialists we can offer an excellent bespoke service and supply a range of electric window openers to meet the all the necessary law requirements.

    If you would like to find out more information about Rocburn Ltd and our products please contact our team now.

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