Nobilla Machine Tools Ltd

Nobilla Machine Tools Ltd

The Barns, Deards End lane
Knebworth Hertfordshire

  • Colchester lathe specialists
  • A small family firm founded in 1980
  • New, used, regrinds, repairs and servicing
  • UK Supplier
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    Nobilla Machine Tools Ltd

    Nobilla Machine Tools is a specialist supplier of new, refurbished and pre-owned Colchester Lathes.

    We also supply all makes and types of other machine tools, associated tooling and equipment so if you have any particular machining or fabrication requirements please get in touch.

    Below is just a sample of the Colchester lathes we regularly supply:
    All our lathes carry a spares warranty.

    - Colchester Masters
    - Colchester Triumphs
    - Colchester Mascots
    - Colchester Students
    - Colchester Mastiff

    For a full list of all machinery available from Nobilla Machine Tools please visit our website.

    Repairs & Servicing
    We have been repairing, servicing and maintaining Colchester lathes for over forty years so If Nobilla excels anywhere it's in our ability to provide customers with a highly professional repair and refurbishment service.

    A Wealth of Colchester Spares and Accessories
    In order to meet all of your Colchester spare parts and accessory requirements we supply top quality components which are specific to each piece of machinery so if you have any needs in this area please talk to the experts.

    Typical Accessories Include:

    - Toolposts & Toolholders
    - Turning Tools & Carbide Inserts
    - Traverse Dials
    - Both Fixed and Travelling Steadies
    - New Newall DRO systems
    - High speed screwcutting attachments. ( Ainjests)
    - Chuck jaws. New&used
    - Hepworth Hydraulic Copy attachments

    If you've been looking for a reputable company that specialises in the refurbishment of Colchester lathes then look no more!

    From our purpose fitted out facility based in Knebworth, North Hertfordshire we regularly carry out refurbishments to both Colchester lathes as well as other makes of machine tools.

    When you purchase a machine tool for Nobilla you can rest assured that your newly refurbished machine will be more than capable of producing all of your close tolerance components.

    Non-Colchester Machinery
    To further compliment this we also supply other types of both CNC and manual machinery including various pieces of ancillary equipment.

    - CNC & Manual Machinery
    - Mills & Borers
    - Grinders
    - Drills
    - Presses
    - Sheet Metal Machinery
    - Saws
    - Capstans
    - Engravers
    - Polishers
    - De-burring Machinery
    - Electric Hoist Jibs

    Visit Us
    If you wish to view our machines or for collections/delivery our Workshop Location is:

    The Black & White Barns, (upper field opp. White Hall Farm)
    Walkern Road, Watton at Stone, Herts, SG14 3RP
    Contact Simon: 07940 894982
    Simon: 01438 812409

    Here you can find detailed directions for our workshop, including a map of our workshop.

    The above is only a small sample of machinery we have available. If you would like to find out more about Nobilla Machine Tools please don't hesitate to get in touch, alternatively why not head over to our website.

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
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    Products and Services

    1. 2 Axis CNC Lathe
    2. 4 Axis CNC Lathe
    3. Ajax Machine Tool Spares
    4. Automatic Chucking Lathes
    5. Automatic CNC Lathe
    6. Automatic Lathes
    7. Bar Feed Centre Lathe Turning
    8. Bed Mills
    9. Borers
    10. Boring Lathe Bar Sleeves
    11. Capstan Lathe Machining
    12. Capstan Lathe Turning
    13. Capstan Lathes
    14. Capstan Screws
    15. Capstan Tooling
    16. Capstan Turret Lathes
    17. Capstans
    18. Centre Lathe Machines
    19. Centre Lathe Turning Services
    20. Centre Lathes Guards
    21. CNC Automatic Lathes
    22. CNC Barfeed Lathes
    23. CNC Chucking Lathes
    24. CNC Grinders
    25. CNC Lathe
    26. CNC Lathe And Milling Machine
    27. CNC Lathe Machine
    28. CNC Lathe Machine Manufacturers
    29. CNC Lathe Machine Shop
    30. CNC Lathe Machinery
    31. CNC Lathe Machining
    32. CNC Lathe Milling Machine
    33. CNC Lathe To Specification Turning Services
    34. CNC Lathe Tool
    35. CNC Lathe Turning
    36. CNC Lathes
    37. CNC Lathes Cutting Tools
    38. CNC Machine Tool Bar Feeder
    39. CNC Machine Tool Calibration
    40. CNC Machine Tool Engineers
    41. CNC Machine Tool Maintenance
    42. CNC Machine Tool Manufacturer
    43. CNC Machine Tool Parts
    44. CNC Machine Tool Repair
    45. CNC Machine Tool Repairs
    46. CNC Machine Tool Service Engineer
    47. CNC Machine Tool Servicing
    48. CNC Machine Tool Spares
    49. CNC Machine Tool Spindle Repair
    50. CNC Machine Tool Supplier
    51. CNC Machine Tools
    52. CNC Machine Tools Cambridge
    53. CNC Machine Tools Cambridgeshire
    54. CNC Machine Tools Peterborough
    55. CNC Machinery
    56. CNC Machinery Brass Components
    57. CNC Machinery Bronze Components
    58. CNC Machinery Consultants
    59. CNC Machinery For Alloys
    60. CNC Machinery For Aluminium
    61. CNC Machinery For Wood
    62. CNC Metal Lathe
    63. CNC Mill And Lathe
    64. CNC Mill Lathe
    65. CNC Mill Service
    66. CNC Mills
    67. CNC Mills And Lathes
    68. CNC Turning Lathe
    69. CNC Turning Lathe Machine
    70. CNC Vertical Lathe Machine
    71. Collet Lathe Chucks
    72. Conventional Machine Tools
    73. De-Burring Machinery
    74. Deburring Twister Lathe
    75. Deburring Twister Lathes
    76. Drills
    77. Electric Hoist Jibs
    78. Electronic Lathes
    79. Engravers
    80. Female Lathe Centres
    81. Fixed Table CNC Machinery
    82. Flat Head Rivet Nuts
    83. Gap Bed Centre Lathes
    84. Grinders
    85. Heavy Duty Centre Lathes
    86. Horizontal Borers
    87. Industrial Machine Tool
    88. Interlocked Lathe Guards
    89. Large CNC Lathe
    90. Lathe Accessories
    91. Lathe Centres
    92. Lathe Chuck
    93. Lathe Chuck Guards
    94. Lathe Chucks
    95. Lathe CNC Turning Service
    96. Lathe CNC Turning Services
    97. Lathe Cutting Tools
    98. Lathe Face Drivers
    99. Lathe Guards
    100. Lathe Machine
    101. Lathe Machining
    102. Lathe Maintenance
    103. Lathe Precision Machining
    104. Lathe Spare Parts Service
    105. Lathe Tool Holders
    106. Lathes
    107. Legionella Thermometer
    108. Machine Tool
    109. Machine Tool Accessories
    110. Machine Tool Alignments
    111. Machine Tool Attachments
    112. Machine Tool Attachments Spare Parts
    113. Machine Tool Bar Feeder
    114. Machine Tool Build Services
    115. Machine Tool Commissioning
    116. Machine Tool Components
    117. Machine Tool Dealers
    118. Machine Tool Decommissioning
    119. Machine Tool Distributors
    120. Machine Tool Engineers
    121. Machine Tool Holders
    122. Machine Tool Hydraulic Equipment
    123. Machine Tool Installation Services
    124. Machine Tool Maintenance
    125. Machine Tool Manufacturer
    126. Machine Tool Manufacturers
    127. Machine Tool Manufacturing Services
    128. Machine Tool Modification Services
    129. Machine Tool Parts
    130. Machine Tool Rebuilding
    131. Machine Tool Rebuilds
    132. Machine Tool Repair
    133. Machine Tool Repairs
    134. Machine Tool Retrofit Services
    135. Machine Tool Retrofitting
    136. Machine Tool Safety Windows
    137. Machine Tool Sales
    138. Machine Tool Service Engineer
    139. Machine Tool Services
    140. Machine Tool Spare Parts
    141. Machine Tool Spares
    142. Machine Tool Spindle Reconditioning
    143. Machine Tool Spindle Tooling
    144. Machine Tool Spindles
    145. Machine Tool Supplier
    146. Machine Tool Suppliers
    147. Machine Tool Systems
    148. Machine Tooling
    149. Machine Tooling And Servicing
    150. Machine Tools
    151. Machine Tools Sales
    152. Machining Lathe CNC
    153. Machining Lathe CNC Metal
    154. Male Lathe Centres
    155. Manual Lathes
    156. Manual Machinery
    157. Metal CNC Lathe Machining
    158. Metal Cutting Machine Tools
    159. Metal Lathe Machining
    160. Metal Lathes
    161. Metalwork Lathes
    162. Milling And Boring Services Centre Lathe Turning
    163. Mills
    164. Moving Gantry CNC Machinery
    165. New Machine Tools
    166. On Site Machine Tool Servicing
    167. Packaging Machine Tooling
    168. Plastic CNC Lathe Machining
    169. Plastic Lathe Machining
    170. Polishers
    171. Precision CNC Lathe
    172. Precision Machine Tools
    173. Precision Machining Lathe
    174. Presses
    175. Rebuild Machine Tools
    176. Reconditioned Machine Tools
    177. Reengineered Machine Tools
    178. Retrofit Machine Tools
    179. Saws
    180. Second Hand Machine Tools
    181. Sheet Metal Machinery
    182. Sheet Metal Machinery Dealers
    183. Slideways Machine Tools
    184. Sliding Head Lathes
    185. Sliding Lathe Guards
    186. Slotted Capstan Screws
    187. Small CNC Lathe
    188. Special Purpose Machine Tools
    189. Suction Lathes
    190. Swiss Sliding Head Lathes
    191. Timber Lathes
    192. Tool Blocks
    193. Tool Holders
    194. Turnmill CNC Lathe
    195. Turret Lathe Machining
    196. Universal Centre Lathes
    197. Used And Rebuilt Lathes
    198. Used CNC Machine Tools
    199. Used CNC Machinery
    200. Used Lathes
    201. Used Machine Tool Dealers
    202. Used Machine Tools
    203. Used Machine Tools Dealers
    204. Used Manual Machinery
    205. Used Sheet Metal Machinery
    206. Used Turning / Lathe Tooling
    207. Vertical Borers
    208. Welding Lathes
    209. Workshop Lathes

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