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Interface Force Measurements Ltd

  • Extensive range of sensor products
  • Vast amount of experience
  • Pre and post sales support
  • High quality solutions


Unit 19, Wellington Business Park
Duke Ride, Old Woldingham Road
RG45 6LS

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Todays Opening Hours

Tuesday : 9:00-5:30


Force & Torque Measurement and Pressure Mapping Solutions

Interface Force offers one of the widest ranges of quality force, torque measurements and pressure mapping solutions.

Interface Force has many years of experience in this field and are totally confident that whatever your requirements are, whether it’s force, torque, fatigue or pressure mapping we will always find you a solution.

We are able to assist customers from a wide range of industrial sectors utilising a wealth of experience from a team of engineers with sound knowledge in the high quality sensor products we supply.

Our customers range from Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and Research to Engineering, Retail, OEM, Defence and Nuclear to name but a few.

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Interface Force - Sensor specialists

We pride ourselves on providing solutions for your force and torque measurement applications with a range of internationally recognised brands including:

...• Mini Load Cells
...• High Capacity
...• Low Profile
...• Niche Products
...• Multi Axis, Torque & Force
...• Reaction Torque
...• Rotary Torque
...• Displays, Indicators & Electronics
...• Calibration-Load Cells & Systems
...• Atex & Hazardous Area
...• Fittings & Accessories

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Xsensor - Innovators in Pressure Imaging

Xsensor Pressure Mapping Systems give you more by using capacitive technology which is one of the key elements and provides:

...• Best Low Pressure Performance
...• High Active Area up to 70%+
...• Robust Calibration with intervals up to 1 year

The unrivalled ability of the low pressure range sensors from Xsensor provides human body studies with exciting and revealing results. The high pressure range Xsensors provide improved spatial resolution and the increased sensor element density required by racing teams to accurately profile tyres to generate maximum contact area through correct chassis setup.

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GP: 50 - Pressure, Level & Temperature Transmitters/Transducers

The Interface range of GP: 50 products have been specifically developed to cover a vast range of applications in industrial sectors including:

...• Aerospace
...• Oil & Gas, OEM
...• Water/Sludge Treatment
...• Sub-Sea
...• Flush/Sanitary
...• Differential
...• Melt Pressure

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AMTI Force and Motion

AMTI Multi-Axis Load Cells and Force Sensors/Platforms

AMTI (Advanced Mechanical Technology Inc.) has over twenty five years’ experience in the design and manufacture of multi-axis load cells and force sensor/platforms for a wide range of industrial applications.

They have also won many grant awards from the National Science Foundation.

Industrial sectors range from Material Testing, Vehicle Testing, Robotics and Research to Marine, Manufacturing, Biomechanical and Aerospace.

To further compliment the range of multi-axis load cells, force platform and transducers AMTI have now designed and manufactured a range of multi-channel data acquisition instruments incorporating the very latest Smart Technology for `Plug & Play` applications.

To find out more about Interface Force Measurement Ltd and to download the complete range of products available please go to our main website.

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  • Fittings & Accessories
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  • Displays, Indicators & Electronics Products
  • Niche Products
  • 6a 6 Axis Series & Bsc8 Digital Amplifier

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News & PR

New Hi-Speed Pressure Mapping From XSensor

As XSensor;'s UK distributor, we are please to announce the launch of their revolutionary and unique HS -Impact high speed pressure mapping system for seat impact sledge testing

New, unique high speed, impact pressure mapping system

New, unique high speed, impact pressure mapping system for automotive and aircraft seating launched by XSensor through Interface Force

New high speed, portable data logger and digital display

New high speed, portable data logger and digital display launched by Interface Force Measurements

Major Software Up-Grades

XSensor Announce Major Advanced in Both Sensor and Software Performance

Key Contacts

Greg Cook

Greg Cook
Technical Sales

Tel: 01344 776666
Email: GregC

Tony Rokins

Tony Rokins
Business Development

Tel: 01344 776666
Email: tonyr

Robin Byle

Robin Byle
Technical Sales

Tel: 01344 776666
Email: RobinB

Opening Hours

Monday -   09:00 to 17:30
Tuesday -   09:00 to 17:30
Wednesday -   09:00 to 17:30
Thursday -   09:00 to 17:30
Friday -   09:00 to 16:30
Saturday -   Closed
Sunday -   Closed