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Galvanizers Association

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    Galvanizers Association

    Welcome to Galvanizers Association. For more than 50 years we have been answering questions and queries about galvanizing for thousands of organisations and individuals. Our team consists of experts who are on hand to give advice on technical issues concerning galvanizing and galvanized products. If we are not able to answer any question directly, we also network with galvanizing specialists across the globe in order to provide the correct solution.

    Galvanizers Association does not only give technical information, we also:

    • Produce a range of technical literature which is available free of charge

    • Monitor regulations

    • Provide RIBA CPD approved presentations on the subject of galvanizing

    • Oversee research projects to develop and support the galvanising industry

    • Take a leading role in the development of galvanizing standards

    Galvanizing is very important in today's industry and has many benefits including:

    Corrosion Resistance, Reliability, Coating Toughness, Complete Coverage, Lowest Lifetime Cost
    Speed of Application, Faster Construction.