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    AViTEQ UK Ltd - Vibrating Feeders

    AViTEQ offers a vast range of high quality components for vibratory handling equipment including:

    - Vibratory Handling Equipment
    - Vibratory Feeders
    - Tubular Vibrating Feeders
    - Vibrating Tables
    - Spiral Elevators
    - Screens
    - Magnetic Vibrators
    - Control Systems
    - Electromagnetic Drive Systems

    With over 355,000 implemented units in operation around the world AViTEQ is well placed to offer customers a complete process engineering, vibratory and conveying component service.

    Our AViTEQ Vibration Feeder technology is guaranteed to maximise adaptability while the flexibility of our products offers the very highest in safety and hygiene.

    Vibratory Handling Equipment

    Tubular Vibrating Feeders
    We supply a robust range of Tubular Vibrating Feeders designed for dosing and conveying bulk materials. The Tubular Vibrating Feeders from AViTEQ can either be of an open or closed trough specification depending on application. Stainless Steel in construction they are also particularly well suited for conveyors operating under extreme environmental conditions.

    Conveying Technology

    Over the decades AViTEQ has provided a wide range of industrial sectors that process bulk materials with transportation, continuous and batch controlled dosing and feeding solutions including:

    Hopper Discharge Units
    For use below Hoppers, Silos, Bunkers and Bulk Containers the Hopper Discharge Units from AViTEQ serve as combined closure, transportation, discharge and metering units and offer the ideal solution for companies that require silo to conveyor applications.

    Natural Frequency Feeders/Screens
    For the food industry AViTEQ offers the Natural Frequency Trough Feeders/Screen Units for screening, conveying and dewatering. Compact and flat by design these energy efficient Natural Frequency Feeders are very low noise during operation.

    Vibrating Spiral Elevator
    Wherever bulk solids have to be conveyed in the vertical position the AViTEQ Vibrating Spiral Elevator has been specifically created for a whole range of bulk solid products during various production processes.

    The line-up of AViTEQ conveying technology continues with Guided Arm Through Feeders, Reversible Trough/Tubular Feeders, Vibrating Tables, Bowl Feeders and Strewing Covers so to find out more please visit the AViTEQ website.

    Screening Technology
    Under screening technology AViTEQ`s main offer includes Vibrating Screens, Dewatering Screens, Grizzly Screens and Circular Vibrating Screens. Very informative descriptions and technical data on all Screening products can be found by visiting the AViTEQ website.

    Process Technology
    Vibrating Fluidbed Systems, Heat Exchange Pumps and Thermal Spiral Conveyors represent the process technology products and equipment supplied by AViTEQ.

    Weighing & Metering Technology
    Where weighing technology is concerned AViTEQ`s offer comes under the brand Weiteq which consists of Belt Scales, Belt Weigh Feeders and Loss in Weight Scales so to find out more please head over to the main website.

    80 Years Experience

    AViTEQ has been providing a wide range of industries with process engineering solutions for over 75 years.
    Over these years we have gained particular expertise in the following:

    - Food and Animal Feed
    - Recycling, Environmental, Glass
    - Chemicals, Plastics, Pharmaceuticals
    - Quarries, Mining, Pits, Cement
    - Steel Production, Foundries

    AViTEQ Support

    AViTEQ offers support for both brands AViTEQ and AEG with a comprehensive repair and spare parts service.

    - Repairs
    - Replacement Parts
    - Servicing
    - Maintenance
    - Installation
    - Training
    - Instruction
    - Engineering Technicians

    From initial contact, guidance, supply and installation through to commissioning, training and maintenance AViTEQ offers an unparalleled level of support.


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    Saturday Closed
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    Pro-Forma 30 days
    Key Personnel
    Paul Fletcher
    Paul Fletcher Managing Director

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    Products and Services

    1. Anti -Vibration Mountings
    2. Anti –Vibration Mounting
    3. ATEX Vibrating Feeder
    4. Automated Micro Gravimetric Powder Dispensers
    5. Automated Powder Dosing
    6. Automated Powder Dosing Machine
    7. Automated Powder Handling
    8. Automatic Powder Weighing
    9. Belt Scale
    10. Belt Weigh Feeder
    11. Bin Activator
    12. Bowl And Tub Vibratory Machines
    13. Bowl Feeder
    14. Bulk Handling
    15. Bulk Material Handling
    16. Bulk Material Handling Batching
    17. Bulk Material Handling Blending
    18. Bulk Material Handling Equipment
    19. Bulk Material Handling Feeding
    20. Bulk Material Handling Loading
    21. Bulk Material Handling Mixing
    22. Bulk Material Handling System
    23. Bulk Material Handling Systems
    24. Bulk Material Handling Weighing
    25. Bulk Materials Handling
    26. Bulk Powder Handling
    27. Bulk Powder Handling Equipment
    28. Bulk Powder Handling Systems
    29. Circular Motion Screen
    30. Circular Vibratory Screeners
    31. Compact Feeder
    32. Compact Feeder Drive
    33. Confectionary Vibrating Feeder
    34. Continuous Vibratory Machines
    35. Conveying Technology
    36. Conveyor Vibratory
    37. Conveyors
    38. Dewatering Screen
    39. Electric Vibrators
    40. Elliptical Vibrating Screen
    41. Elliptical Vibrating Screens
    42. Enclosed Vibratory Screens
    43. Ferrous Scrap Metal Recycling
    44. Ferrous Scrap Metals
    45. Food Conveyor
    46. Food Conveyor Systems
    47. Food Handling Conveyors
    48. Food Hygiene Equipment
    49. Food Industry Conveyors
    50. Food Process Equipment
    51. Food Processing Conveyors
    52. Food Processing Equipment
    53. Food Scales
    54. Glass Cullet Vibrating Feeder
    55. Gravel Dewatering Screen
    56. Gravimetric Powder Dispensers
    57. Guided Arm Trough Conveyor
    58. Gypsum Vibrating Feeder
    59. Hopper Discharge Unit
    60. Horizontal Vibrating
    61. Horizontal Vibration Test Systems
    62. Laboratory Powder Dispenser
    63. Laboratory Powder Dispensers
    64. Limestone Vibrating Feeder
    65. Linear Feeder
    66. Linear Vibrating Screen
    67. Linear Vibrating Screens
    68. Linear Vibratory Feeders
    69. Loss-In-Weight System
    70. Magnetic Vibrator
    71. Material Vibratory Compaction
    72. Natural Frequency Feeder
    73. Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Recycling
    74. Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals
    75. Parts Conveyor Drive
    76. Pharma Conveyors
    77. Pharmaceutical
    78. Pharmaceutical Conveyor Systems
    79. Pharmaceutical Equipment
    80. Pharmaceutical Industry
    81. Pharmaceutical Material Handling
    82. Pharmaceutical Process Equipment
    83. Pharmaceutical Sieve
    84. Plastic Scrap Handling
    85. Potash Vibrating Feeder
    86. Powder Conveying
    87. Powder Conveying Equipment
    88. Powder Conveyor
    89. Powder Conveyor Spare Parts
    90. Powder Conveyors
    91. Powder Dosing
    92. Powder Dosing Equipment
    93. Powder Dosing Machine
    94. Powder Dosing System
    95. Powder Dosing Systems
    96. Powder Feeder Design
    97. Powder Feeder Equipment
    98. Powder Feeder Systems
    99. Powder Feeders
    100. Powder Handing
    101. Powder Handing Solutions
    102. Powder Handing Systems
    103. Powder Handling
    104. Powder Handling Equipment
    105. Powder Handling Systems
    106. Powder Sifter
    107. Powder Vibrating Feeder
    108. Powder Vibrating Screen
    109. Recycled Glass Vibrating Feeder
    110. Reversible Trough Feeder
    111. Rotary Electric Vibrators
    112. Sand Vibrating Feeder
    113. Sand Vibrating Screen
    114. Scrap Conveyor
    115. Scrap Conveyors
    116. Scrap Feeder
    117. Scrap Handling
    118. Scrap Handling Systems
    119. Screens
    120. Small Rotary Electric Vibrators
    121. Spiral Elevators
    122. Stone Vibrating Feeder
    123. Strewing Cover
    124. Strewing Plate
    125. Sugar Vibrating Feeder
    126. Sugar Vibrating Screen
    127. Thermal Spiral Conveyor
    128. Tubular Feeder
    129. Tubular Vibrating Feeders
    130. Unbalance Exciter
    131. Unbalance Motor
    132. Under Silo Discharger
    133. Under Silo Vibrating Feeder
    134. Vibrating
    135. Vibrating Bed Dryer
    136. Vibrating Conveyor
    137. Vibrating Conveyor Systems
    138. Vibrating Conveyors
    139. Vibrating Feeder
    140. Vibrating Feeder Systems
    141. Vibrating Feeders
    142. Vibrating Fluid-Bed System
    143. Vibrating Screen
    144. Vibrating Screen Systems
    145. Vibrating Screening
    146. Vibrating Screening Equipment
    147. Vibrating Screens
    148. Vibrating Screens Spare Parts
    149. Vibrating Shaker
    150. Vibrating Shakers
    151. Vibrating Sieves
    152. Vibrating Sifter
    153. Vibrating Spiral Elevator
    154. Vibrating Spreader Feeders
    155. Vibrating Table
    156. Vibrating Tables
    157. Vibration Shaker
    158. Vibration Tables
    159. Vibrator
    160. Vibratory Beams
    161. Vibratory Bowl Feeder
    162. Vibratory Bowl Feeders
    163. Vibratory Conveyor
    164. Vibratory Conveyor Systems
    165. Vibratory Conveyors
    166. Vibratory Engineering
    167. Vibratory Feeder
    168. Vibratory Feeder Service
    169. Vibratory Feeder Systems
    170. Vibratory Feeders
    171. Vibratory Feeding Equipment
    172. Vibratory Finishing
    173. Vibratory Grizzly Feeders
    174. Vibratory Handling Equipment
    175. Vibratory Material Handling
    176. Vibratory Material Handling Equipment
    177. Vibratory Material Handling Machinery
    178. Vibratory Material Handling Solutions
    179. Vibratory Motor Drive
    180. Vibratory Motor Drives
    181. Vibratory Probability Screens
    182. Vibratory Screen
    183. Vibratory Screen Feeders
    184. Vibratory Screening
    185. Vibratory Shaker
    186. Vibratory Shaker Systems
    187. Vibratory Sieves
    188. Vibratory Table
    189. Vibratory Tables
    190. Vibratory Transporter
    191. Vibratory Trough Conveyors
    192. Vibratory Tubular Feeder
    193. Volumetric Feeder
    194. Volumetric Feeder Equipment
    195. Weight Loss Feeder
    196. Weight Loss Feeders

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