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AVA - Automatic Vending Association

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Welcome to the Automatic Vending Association (AVA)

What is the AVA?

The AVA is the forward-thinking, not-for-profit trade body for the £1.65bn refreshment vending industry.

With over 200 highly reputable, quality approved member companies – operators, machine manufacturers, commodity manufactures, affiliates – the AVA can provide you with vending services from members who have the right procedures and policies in place to be able to provide exemplary service for your establishment – no matter what your vending requirements!

The AVA’s vision is to…

  • Provide a strong Association that protects, develops and evangelises the use of vending in the UK.
  • Be the first point of contact for legislators and opinion formers.
  • Be the hub for industry networking and communication.
  • Provide differentiation for members as recognised by specifiers.
  • Develop and maintain an expanding, committed and involved membership.
  • Represent at least 50% of the vending industry by turnover and number.
  • Involve all industry major players in membership.
  • Create an identity for the vending industry that assists in lobbying and increased consumer awareness.
  • Protect the industry from any unfair claims.
  • Encourage members to offer healthy vending products.
  • Ensure the public know that vending is now bringing the high street coffee experience to the consumer, without them needing to leave their building.

Why use an AVA member’s services?

By choosing to source your site’s vending requirements through the AVA, you can rest assured that you’ll be in receipt of the very best possible service from members in your area who have the right procedures and policies in place to be able to provide exemplary service for your establishment. Look for companies with the AVA logo to know that you’re working with the very best in the vending industry! To find out more about the Association and to see our full list of members, please visit

AVA Membership

AVA membership is available in 3 levels:

  • Full Membership
    Open to commodity suppliers, vending operation companies, manufacturers, importers and distributors of vending machines and components

  • Affiliate Membership
    Open to any providers of services and goods to the vending industry who do not meet the requirements for full membership and companies within the vending industry who fall outside the European Union

  • Personal Membership
    Open to those who work for members and those who have already retired whilst working for a member

To find out more about membership and/or to become an AVA member, please visit Alternatively please call the AVA on 0208 661 1112.

Visit our website for more detailed information

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