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Wedge Galvanizing Ltd

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  • UKs largest hot dip galvanizing organisation
  • 14 plants strategically placed around the UK
  • Continuing investment in new technology & plant
  • Quality Assurance
    Experienced Staff
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    Wedge Galvanizing Ltd

    Wedge Galvanizing offers a truly national service for all of your hot dip galvanizing requirements.

    With 14 plants placed around the UK and the largest galvanizing bath in the UK, Wedge Galvanizing are able to take on anything that is thrown at them, from a small plain washer to a 29 meter beam.

    We are also experts in centrifuge galvanizing for some of the smaller parts and are also able to galvanize continuous lengths of chain.

    This unique service combined with our commitment to customer care means we are able to offer you the customer a first class quality service.

    Galvanizing Services

    - Unrivalled Customer Service
    - 24 hour turnaround service on request
    - Direct site deliveries
    - Collection and delivery service
    - Galvanizing of continuous lengths of marine chain
    - Vertical dip up to 3.2 m
    - Double dip up to 29m
    - Shot blasting/powder coating service
    - Technical advice
    - ISO 9001 quality approved

    Benefits of Galvanizing

    Galvanizing offers a permanent bonded tough coating to a materials surface to provide a long service life of up to 50 years plus.

    Being maintenance free it is also a cost effective and an economical process when compared to alternative coatings. It is also extremely easy to clean and pleasing in appearance.


    We are able to offer our services in a range of locations throughout the UK including West Midlands, Merseyside, East Anglia and Scotland.

    For more information about our services including a full plant list and plant location page please visit our website.

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    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 to 17:00
    Tuesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 to 17:00
    Thursday 09:00 to 17:00
    Friday 09:00 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed

    Accepted Payment Methods

    Direct Debit

    Payment Terms

    30 days
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    Products and Services

    1. Anti Corrosion
    2. BS10 Galvanised Steel Flanges
    3. BS4504 Galvanised Steel Flanges
    4. Centrifuge Galvanizing
    5. Coatings
    6. Cold Galvanising Paint
    7. Corrosion Protection
    8. Corrosion Protection Of Steel By Hot Dip Galvanizing
    9. External Galvanised Fire Escape Stairs
    10. Galvanic Corrosion Prevention
    11. Galvanic Corrosion Protection
    12. Galvanised Benches
    14. Galvanised Chain Link
    15. Galvanised Cigarette Bins
    16. Galvanised Edging
    17. Galvanised Fencing
    18. Galvanised Fencing Wire
    19. Galvanised Fittings
    20. Galvanised Hand Pallet Trucks
    21. Galvanised Ladders
    22. Galvanised Malleable Fittings
    23. Galvanised Manual Pallet Trucks
    24. Galvanised Mesh
    25. Galvanised Metal Fencing
    26. Galvanised Mild Steel Wire
    27. Galvanised Nails
    28. Galvanised Nuts And Bolts
    29. Galvanised Pallet Racking
    30. Galvanised Pallet Trucks
    31. Galvanised Panels
    32. Galvanised Picnic Tables
    33. Galvanised Pipe And Fittings
    34. Galvanised Post Box
    35. Galvanised Racking
    36. Galvanised Racking System
    37. Galvanised Recycling Bin
    38. Galvanised Recycling Bins
    39. Galvanised Roof Racks
    40. Galvanised Roofracks
    41. Galvanised Seating
    42. Galvanised Security Cages
    43. Galvanised Security Fencing
    44. Galvanised Sheet
    45. Galvanised Sheet Metal Supplier
    46. Galvanised Sheet Metalworking
    47. Galvanised Shelves
    48. Galvanised Shelving
    49. Galvanised Shelving Systems
    50. Galvanised Stainless Steel
    51. Galvanised Stairways
    52. Galvanised Steel
    53. Galvanised Steel CNC Punching
    54. Galvanised Steel Filter Cages
    55. Galvanised Steel Fittings
    56. Galvanised Steel Pipe
    57. Galvanised Steel Sheet
    58. Galvanised Steel Sheet Fabrications
    59. Galvanised Steel Wire Mesh
    62. Galvanised Tube
    63. Galvanised Tube Fittings
    64. Galvanised Wire
    65. Galvanised Wire Fencing
    66. Galvanised Wire Ropes
    67. Galvanisers
    68. Galvanising
    69. Galvanized Metal Roofing
    70. Galvanized Products
    71. Galvanized Racking
    72. Galvanized Roofing
    73. Galvanized Steel
    74. Galvanizers
    75. Galvanizers Association
    76. Galvanizing
    77. Galvanizing And Sustainable Construction
    78. Galvanizing Awards
    79. Galvanizing Industry
    80. Galvanizing Process
    81. Galvanizing Queries
    82. Galvanizing Standards
    83. Hot Dip Galvanised Shelves
    84. Hot Dip Galvanised Shelving
    85. Hot Dip Galvanising
    86. Hot Dip Galvanizing
    87. Hot Dip Galvanizing Magazine
    88. Hot-Dipped Galvanised Mesh
    89. Metal Coating
    90. Metal Finishing
    91. Metal Finishing Services
    92. Midispan Galvanised Racking
    93. Perforated Galvanised Steel
    94. Perforated Galvanized Steel
    95. Pewag Winner Fire Chains For Hot Galvanizing Plants
    96. Pre-Galvanised Welded Mesh
    97. Prevention Of Rust
    98. Rust Proofing
    99. Shelving - Galvanised
    100. Shelving - Heavy Duty Mesh & Galvanised Decks
    101. Shelving Galvanised
    102. Shelving Heavy Duty & Galvanised Decks
    103. Shelving Galvanised
    104. ShelvingGalvanised
    105. Spin Galvanising
    106. Spin Galvanizing
    107. Steel Coatings
    108. Steel Protection

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