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M-Files version 10 released

FileExpert Document Management News and PR from FileExpert Document Management - Published 03 September 2013 The multi-award winning M-Files document management software releases an important new version bringing enhanced usability and fuctioality
M-Files version 10.0 is released with a host of new features and usability functions. Maybe most exciting is the enhanced support for mobile and tablet devices.

With additional support for mobile devices and tablets it allows us to work the way we want without barriers.

Entering tags is simplified and more intuitive further reducing the time required to reliably to get information into the system.

There are a greatly increased number of products that you can integrate with out of the box or with a few hours configuration allowing you to share exiting information and avoid data duplication.

For the techies there is the ability to run a parallel development vault so that testing and Q&A activities can be performed away from the production environment. Yet when the revised configuration is ready to roll out it can be done with the flick of a switch with the metadata replication option.

See the attached for far more detail.
Version 9 of M-Files scored a perfect 10 against the competition and now version 10.0 moves the game on further still!

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