Wilson Process Systems News and PR from Wilson Process Systems - Published 02 September 2020 Wilson Process Systems highlights how it provided reliable, agile and responsive client services through the Covid-19 pandemic.
South East-based contract electronics manufacturer, WPS, rose to the Covid-19 pandemic challenge, playing its role as a critical supplier to clients in the medical, environmental and road and rail transport industries.

At the time of writing, WPS has maintained its factory output at or close to 100 per cent, despite restrictions and limitations imposed by the pandemic.

The company has continued its long-term policy of ongoing investment in new technology with the acquisition of a Universal Fuzion OF1-11 oddform assembly machine. In addition to full surface mount capability, the machine can also assemble a full array of throughhole components, further enhancing client confidence in manufacturing quality.

WPS states its new 'Get a Quote' website portal is proving a useful tool, allowing customers to make enquiries quickly and efficiently without the need for face-to-face meetings and factory visits.

WPS' sales and marketing director, Nick Jones, said: ''During these difficult times it is very reassuring that as a well-funded and stable family enterprise, with 40 years' experience in the electronics industry, we are not only able to maintain our position, but also to provide resource for further investment and operational improvements.''
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WPS has maintained its factory output at or close to 100 %, despite restrictions and limitations imposed by the pandemic

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