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OtO Photonics' RedSparrow NIR MEMS spectrometer

AP Technologies Ltd News and PR from AP Technologies Ltd - Published 10 July 2020 OtO Photonics' new RedSparrow (RS) series extends their proprietary MEMS-based grating-collimator technology into the NIR region.
RedSparrow is extremely compact, measuring just 40 x 40 x 18 mm³ including the removable external control board, dramatically smaller than OtO's own SideWinder C-T NIR spectrometer (-300cm³) which is itself considered to be a compact design.

Despite its compact form-factor RedSparrow's rigid metal package and optical bench provide excellent thermal, humidity and shock/vibration stability performance.

RedSparrow features a 128-pixel InGaAs linear sensor and is initially offered with a 50µm slit offering high sensitivity with FWHM Resolution of 8-13nm over the full 950-1700nm operating range.

Communication with RS-Series spectrometers is via OtO's optional control board featuring high speed (480Mbps) USB2.0 or 6 user-programmable digital I/Os. There is also an 8-pin extension port and 4-pin UART port.

The inclusion of OtO's SpectraSmart software ensures that RedSparrow can be up-and-running within minutes whilst the availability of a Software Developer Kit for Windows and example code for Linux facilitates integration into a broad range of industrial, medical, pharmaceutical and environmental applications.

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RedSparrow is extremely compact, measuring just 40 x 40 x 18 mm³

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