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Automatic solution to stop bacteria entering buildings

record uk ltd News and PR from record uk ltd - Published 07 July 2020 record uk has a number of automatic solutions to create contact-free, hygienic environments quickly to prevent the spread of germs and Covid-19 being transmitted via door handles and switches.
Reliable and versatile, the record DFA 127 Swing Door Operator is an economical way to automate new and existing manual swing doors, to create contactless openings within hours.

With its innovative design and advanced technology, the DFA 127 is almost silent in operation. Whilst this makes it particularly suitable for quieter environments such as hospital wards, care homes, classrooms & offices, the DFA's wide variety of functions from low energy to full power makes it ideal for almost any application.

The record BLS 60 touchless activation switch is a hygienic, user-friendly solution to replace conventional touch switches and pushpads. Upon approach to the switch, the BLS 60 will activate the door to open, eliminating the need for any contact by hand, to create a contact-free opening, guaranteeing a high level of hygiene at all times.

Quick and easy to install in surface or flush-mounted versions of the record mounting box (FELLA), the BLS 60 touchless activation switch is ready for operation as soon as itÂ’s connected electrically to the door control and the desired detection range of between 15cm - 80cm is set.

For more information on these and other contact-free solutions to create, safe, hygienic environments contact Bobby Parkinson, National Sales Manager on 07971 096783 or visit www.recorduk.co.uk
create contactless openings within hours

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