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Need 25kW from Single Phase? We've got you Covered.

Go Geothermal Ltd News and PR from Go Geothermal Ltd - Published 03 June 2020 New heat pumps from Clausius
When sourcing the most innovative products from around the UK and Europe, we were immediately drawn to the "Clausius" product, given its strength of origin.

Not only did the product achieve the highest rating at the AIT in Austria under strict test conditions the creator of the range is the youngest ever professor in Spain.

So it's with pleasure we introduce the entire range of Clausius products a true stand out solution.

The Clausius Classic heat pump range can be tailored to meet specific customers requirements. A low operating sound and a small footprint combined with a high level of integration enables installation in almost any domestic, commercial or industrial environment.

The Clausius range is designed and manufactured by thermodynamic experts with over thirty years experience using the latest scientific research, engineering expertise and build quality that incorporates lead brand components. Clausius production plant in Europe enables them to achieve highly efficient, premium quality heat pumps at a competitive price. All of the Clausius heat pumps are MCS accredited and achieve an ErP A+++ rating. Clausius UK sales and service team are experts in heat pump technology and installation  and offer a nationwide network to support installers and specifiers of domestic and commercials builds. 
Need 25kW from Single Phase?  We've got you Covered.

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