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COVID-19 in the medium term

JJS Manufacturing Ltd News and PR from JJS Manufacturing Ltd - Published 02 June 2020 What the manufacturing environment might look like as a result of COVID-19 in the medium term
With the manufacturing industry contributing up to £139bn a year to UK GDP, and 87% of those firms employing less than 20 people, the drive to keep on going isn't just an economic one, but a human one.

The environment has had to - and is still - adapting, not just for the safety of employees, but to ensure future resilience and maintain growth.

We’ve had no choice but to be reactive and implement short-term changes that have made the continuation of our work feasible and safe. Localising supply chains, implementing physical distancing and using technology where human contact isn't possible are just some of the ways the industry has been proactive during this 'survival' period.

But some of the new operations put in place as a result of COVID-19 could be paving the way for a new future.

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