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Precast Headwalls with Cascade Panels

Althon Limited News and PR from Althon Limited - Published 14 April 2020 Althon can manufacture precast concrete headwalls complete with long cascade panels and recently produced one of a for a project in Sunderland.
Althon's Headwall Specifier Tool enables customers to enter key requirement details and be presented with the most appropriate headwalls that meet the requirement. On the occasions where a standard precast headwall does not meet the requirement, Althon also provide a free headwall design service, which can be requested online or by contacting Althon.

Althon are pleased to provide assistance with design drawing detailing and pricing for Cascade Panels on the Althon headwall drawings in CAD and PDF formats.

You can also visit the Precast Headwalls section of the Althon website or call us on 01603 488700
Althon provide a free headwall design service

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