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Can UK manufacturers solve the medical ventilator crisis?

JJS Manufacturing Ltd News and PR from JJS Manufacturing Ltd - Published 26 March 2020 As the global coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate with alarming intensity, so too are the concerns within the UK about the limited supplies of vital medical respiratory equipment...
With just 5000 adult ventilators and 900 children's ventilators currently available in critical care facilities throughout the UK, the race is on to produce more of these life-saving devices in substantial quantities and as rapidly as possible.

While a typical medical device company might normally expect to manufacture around 750 new ventilators over the course of a year, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for manufacturers to rise to the challenge of producing more than 20,000 new ventilators within a timeframe of just two weeks.

The government has also been rallying engineering firms from all sectors of the industry, irrespective of their specialisation, asking them to switch their efforts to the production and assembly of essential medical equipment.

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