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TIG welding made easy: 10 kg, extensive range of functions

Fronius UK Limited News and PR from Fronius UK Limited - Published 03 March 2020 Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. There’s simply no other welding process that can beat it in terms of cleanliness or weld seam quality.
To make TIG applications even easier, Fronius has developed the TransTig 170/210. This compact manual TIG welding system boasts an extensive range of functions to deliver perfect welding results.

TIG welding can be used in a variety of applications. The process is suitable for all metals, thin sheets, out-of-position welding and root pass welding. Welding can be performed with or without a filler metal and the process is of particular benefit to industry users, such as plant and container construction, pipeline construction and also maintenance, assembly and repair. Since stainless steel and aluminium are primarily used in these sectors, the TIG process wins praise due to the high quality “look and feel” of its weld seams. The TransTig is also particularly impressive for mobile applications, as its lightweight and easy to handle design aids users with their varied tasks.

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