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Johnson Electric Box Frame Solenoid B7

E Preston (Electrical) Ltd News and PR from E Preston (Electrical) Ltd - Published 20 February 2020 Johnson Electric is pleased to announce the new Box Frame Solenoid B7. The B7 was developed with a forward thinking plunger design to function better, with the end user in mind.
It will eliminate the need for hardware to integrate the solenoid into a product. The B7’s end plate mounting extension will further increase convenience by allowing for drop in installation. The adaptability and ease of installation will cut costs and save time for manufacturers. It is well applicable in Vending Machines, Locks and Latches, Industrial Automation, Beverage Dispensing.


► Simple Mounting Interface
► Nail head style plunger interface
► Dimensions 19.2H x 16.0W x 29.4L
► Various Voltage Inputs Available
► Ambient Temperature: -55 °C to 80 °C
► Customization Available


► Lower cost instruction
► Available in Pull and Push Models as well as Magnetic Latching models
► End plate mounting extension allows for mounting options using no hardware
► Custom plunger designs available
► 10”/ 250mm lead wires standard
Lower cost instruction

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