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Alrad Instruments Ltd News and PR from Alrad Instruments Ltd - Published 12 December 2019 Datalogic are a well-respected supplier in industrial automation and automation data capture, providing high quality products into retail, manufacturing, transport/logistics and healthcare industries.
Datalogic supply a wide range of incredible products for a variety of needs. With their rugged design, protected in an IP67 casing you will have options that range from CCD to CMOS sensors, VGA to 5MP resolutions and the option of integrated lighting and lens with over 90 different lighting and lens combinations ensuring the solution for you is achieved by Datalogic.

With their versatile and easy-to-use software you will be able to utilise over 25 inspection tools depending on the results you want to achieve. From positioning recognition, flaw detection, colour analysis, code reading and more! Datalogic has the smart solution for you and Alrad would be happy to help you reach it!
Exciting wide range of smart cameras for industrial applications

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