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Eriez stake in a sustainability

Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd News and PR from Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd - Published 27 November 2019 ‘Sustainable living’ is currently the phrase on everyone’s lips as daily reports condemn the current strain put on our Earth’s natural resources.
It’s not just the recent announcement of the UK’s Environment Bill on October 15th that’s caught our attention, the whole world has turned its focus to the prevention of ‘climate meltdown’. With the ever-increasing interest in recycling methods due to our current inundation with pollutants, namely single use plastics, global pressure is now on to find a more sustainable method of existence. The time sensitivity of this call to action is where Eriez Europe, with its recycling solutions, sees itself as a strategic player. Such solutions are vital when striving to rebalance the consumption of finite resources and the pollution of our ecosystem. Supermarkets are currently under instruction to change their approach to single use packaging, many businesses are trialling plastic bag-free stores and restaurants and bars are soon to be fined for providing plastic straws to patrons.

These are just a few examples of the single use plastics that are contributing to a soon irreparable level of damage to our planet, illustrating why we are in vitalneed of smart recycling technologies to alleviate this urgent situation. Not unlike further afield, the UK government has voiced its pledge to restructuring recycling procedure, with the Environment Secretary calling for “simplified recycling across local authorities” where waste cannot be avoided.

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global pressure is now on to find a more sustainable method of existence

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