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TJ Williams Limited News and PR from TJ Williams Limited - Published 20 November 2019 With almost two centuries of experience in manufacturing, TJ Williams Limited are the clear choice for all your instrumentation needs.
TJ Williams Limited is a leading manufacturer of Pressure/Vacuum Gauges, Test Gauges, Tank Contents Gauges, Low Pressure Capsule Systems, Absolute Gauges, Chemical Seals, and Bimetal Thermometers.
TJ Williams Limited also has an extensive repair and calibration service. Repairs and manufacture is undertaken in house, in Barry, South Wales, by our team of highly skilled engineers, and craftsmen. This repair service is applicable to instruments we have manufactured and also instrumentation from other sources, as is our calibration service.
In addition, TJ Williams Limited offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service. This service involves a step-by-step process in which a member of our sales team will assess your needs and requirements, and select an instrumentation suitable. Through the use of questionnaires, we will establish the specific specifications and use this to build the instruments to your exact needs. We will also print your logo/company name on the dial for no extra cost.

Contact Anthony Phillips for technical support on 01446 729200, email [email protected] or drop into our trade counter.
Precision Handcrafted Instrumentation for over 150 years.

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