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Opticon L-46X: Barcode Scanner for Retail

Syntechnologies Ltd News and PR from Syntechnologies Ltd - Published 08 November 2019 When it comes to choosing a barcode scanner, it is essential to find the right mix of performance, style, durability and price.
There are a lot of scanners to choose from, but with its high-performance CMOS imager, 1.8-metre drop protection and complimentary stand, you’ll love the Opticon L-46X.

This scanner fits beautifully into a retail POS or service counter environment thanks to its sleek modern design and attractive stand. The L-46X comes with three trigger modes: manual, auto-trigger and stand detection. In combination with the stand, this enables hands-free scanning to improve efficiency.

The high-performance CMOS imager runs at a staggering 100 fps and is specially designed for scanning moving objects. It also has custom configurations, such as multi-read functionality. The imager is highly flexible, and capable of scanning curved, wide or faded barcodes.

With the L-46X, you are guaranteed a durable and reliable device. That’s why Opticon offer a 2-year manufacturer warranty as standard. The scanner has been tested to withstand drops to concrete from a height of 1.8-metres and is IP42 sealed, to ensure protection from dust and splashing water. It will be easy for staff to use with its ergonomic trigger handle and lightweight build, weighing only 112 grams.

There is no issue when it comes to connectivity, as the L-46X has both USB and RS232 connection. The interchangeable cables make this scanner highly compatible. It can also come with an optional ant-microbial coating.

The Opticon L-46X has a list price of only £225, with big discounts available for our customers. Enquire today to request a quote on the L-46X.
The Opticon L-46X has a list price of only £225, with big discounts available for our customers

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