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Bag-in-the-Box (BIB) refrigerated dispensers

Wine Corner Ltd News and PR from Wine Corner Ltd - Published 25 October 2019 New to the UK, Exclusively from Wine Corner Ltd
For high volume mainstream quality wine producers, BIB packaging is proving more environmentally friendly than traditional bottles, but the risk of an impaired drinking experience for the customer at the time of serving, is still quite high. The development of Wine CornerÂ’s refrigerated BIB dispensers means retailers, restaurants and caterers can now have the assurance that their customers will enjoy the wine they serve, just as the Wine Maker originally intended.

The hospitality trade can gain financially from bulk purchase of BIB Wine and minimal wastage due to the specialised air-lock design of the refrigerated dispensers. Staff will be able to handle and serve opened wine hygienically without the risk of spoiling by oxidization, and customers will enjoy a glass of wine at the correct temperature, retaining colour, bouquet and flavour, for upto 20 days.

The Wine Corner BIB dispensers are available in 4 different capacities to suit space and throughput, from a single pourer 10 litre unit to a dual temperature double pourer 20 litre unit. Simply plug in a regular mains socket and load up with boxes or bags. A great investment for the purchaser, to serve wine as it should be served and to make the wine-drinking experience the best it can be for valued customers.

For more details or information, please contact Di Fisher or Irwen Martin on the above number, or email [email protected] Thank you for your interest.
The Wine Corner BIB dispensers are available in 4 different capacities to suit space and throughput

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