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ENVIRO-Signage Range To Encourage Responsible Recycling

Stocksigns News and PR from Stocksigns - Published 05 September 2019 According to latest governmental figures, the UK generation of commercial and industrial waste was 33.1 million tonnes in 2016 (https://bit.ly/2ygeDr7). Recycling has become a large focus for industries worldwide, especially in recent years, as businesses and individuals are more socially aware of the consequences with littering and excessive produce.
Surrey-based signage experts Stocksigns has created a range of Enviro Signs (https://bit.ly/2q2PlIi) which are ideal for businesses and conscientious contractors. The collection of boards and hoarding displays have been made available for temporary indoor and outdoor signage as a greener alternative to plastic, foam board and composite material. As part of Stocksigns’ push to encourage businesses to stay green, the Enviro Sign range has been produced by approved materials from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international non-governmental organisation which promotes responsible management for the world’s forests (https://bit.ly/2OEGWtj). The organisation has certified the Recyclable Display Board as 100% fibre based, compostable and fully recyclable.
The Recyclable Display Board (https://bit.ly/2SaEPvj) produced by Stocksigns is aimed at businesses who ideally are looking to have the flexibility of displaying the board temporarily indoors or outdoors. Used mainly as stand along signs, these are ideal for smaller temporary signage required for up to 6 months outside, with a longer lifespan indoors. Due to being recyclable and compostable, these are ideal for events and shorter construction projects. The Non-PVC Bubble Board (https://bit.ly/2NWcwO3) is environmentally friendly due to being 100% recyclable, which allows a hard-wearing temporary signage alternative to traditional plastic and foam boards. Compared alongside the Recyclable Display Board, the Non-PYC Bubble Board has a guaranteed 36-month lifespan when displayed outdoors, making it ideal for construction sites.
Enviro Signs

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