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Shaker Boxes - A Marriage of Grace, Beauty & Utility!

Polmac (UK) Ltd News and PR from Polmac (UK) Ltd - Published 07 August 2019 Providing A High-End Gift Packaging Solution
Shakers are a Christian Sect established in 18th century England, who sailed to America because of religious intolerance.

They were originally known as "Shaking Quakers" due to their passionate physical behaviour during religious services. Perhaps this is where Elvis got his trademark 'gyrating' style from!

Shaker boxes originated in American Shaker communities and were made from thin sheets of wood veneer, taken from local trees.

Some boxes were kept for personal use, whilst others were sold to the wider community as 'nested sets'. Looped handles were added later to make the boxes easier to carry and were also used as scoops to measure dry foodstuffs.

Shaker boxes are often constructed with swallowtail laps, fixed with metal studs on the sides of boxes. These laps allowed the wood veneer to expand and contract, without the veneer splitting due to variations in temperature and humidity.

Shakers were devout people and it's thought the swallowtails pointed to the right, as a sign of moving towards God.

However, shaker boxes today can have a variety of lap joint designs, including rounded, or diamond shaped laps. depending on preference and use.

The wood veneers were bent to form 'pantry boxes', in order to store food items such as herbs, spices and tea. These were round boxes with lift-off lids, that were made by hand and connected to Shaker culture by expressing the utility and uniformity valued in Shaker society.

Shaker boxes were usually made plain and undecorated originally, because the Shakers were strictly utilitarian in their outlook.

However, shaker boxes today are supplied with beautiful, natural wood and colour stains, or clear lacquer finishes, if the natural warmth and beauty of wood is preferred.

They can also be supplied with printed logos or text, for a more personalized branded finish.

Shaker boxes are very popular because they look exquisite and make beautiful gift packaging. For example, they are often used as hat boxes, as gift boxes for high-end foodstuffs and as corporate gift boxes.
Shaker boxes are very popular because they look exquisite and make beautiful gift packaging

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