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System Corrosion Monitor

Go Geothermal Ltd News and PR from Go Geothermal Ltd - Published 27 June 2019 Advance warning of corrosion within commercial heating systems
Advance warning of corrosion within commercial heating systems

Commercial heating systems are prone to water quality issues, resulting in corrosion and the subsequent potential damage to boilers, heat exchangers and other expensive components. The Sentinel Corrosion Monitor, which can be specified and installed on new systems or retro-fitted on existing ones, will continuously monitor the extent of corrosion giving an early warning of system issues. When compared to other currently available technologies, the Sentinel Corrosion Monitor provides an accurate, customer accessible, technically and commercially proven solution.

Constant real-time monitoring and graphical representation on a PC dashboard; gives early warning of system issues before they escalate; thereby reducing large scale remediation costs.

Probe based monitor within the pipework flow; allows the health of the system to be continuously monitored for peace of mind or early intervention to reduce lifetime costs.

Multiple units can be located throughout larger buildings; allows the whole heating system to be monitored and so provides a comprehensive, whole-system solution.

Simple-to-use technology which can be incorporated into PPM routines; can be used by facility and maintenance managers or building owners to support planned preventative maintenance and will complement system operational reviews.

Sentinel's New Corrosion Monitor - Literally save thousands of £'s over existing methods
Advance warning of corrosion within commercial heating systems

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