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New WPE-I Range from Stiebel Eltron

Go Geothermal Ltd News and PR from Go Geothermal Ltd - Published 20 June 2019 New WPE-I range featuring hot gas technology
Introducing our new range of inverter-driven ground source heat pumps for the non-domestic market.

This new range has been designed to maximise return on investment from the Non-Domestic RHI, increase overall efficiencies and reduce installation costs and complexity.

Inverter technology means heat output can be adjusted exactly to suit the required capacity of the building. The benefits are:

Groundworks can be sized exactly to the building – rather than the nearest heat pump model - , minimizing groundwork costs
More – or indeed all – of your running hours can now attract the higher (tier 1) RHI tariffs
Fewer instances where two heat pumps are required to get close to your actual heat requirement making for cheaper and easier- to-install projects
Optional hot gas technology captures energy from the hottest part of the refrigerant circuit to produce hot water. Combined with SBS stores this offers the benefits of:

No immersion heaters required – the heat pump can raise and maintain high water temperatures to restrict bacterial growth

Utilizing hot gas technology for hot water production even when the heating is off.

Smaller cabinet sizes – making it easier to fit more powerful models into smaller spaces or to install in previously difficult-to-access sites.

New colour touch-screen controller offers:

Improved sound quality
Good integration capability through interfaces
ISG with Modbus TCP and SG Cascadable up to 16 unit
Optional additional capability for bivalent system control
new range of inverter-driven ground source heat pumps

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