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ON Site Calibration of Torque Tools

Worlifts Ltd News and PR from Worlifts Ltd - Published 27 June 2013 Utilisation of specialist Test and Calibration vehicles deliver considerable cost savings compared to traditional OFF site practices
Ever thought what the benefits of ON-Site testing can be to your business?

In simple terms the unnecessary movement of tools away from your business = a cost, either in terms of days when tools are not available or in some cases the neccessity to hire in replacement tooling.

An ON-Site service will make sure you know your costs upfront, this will ususally be a day rate allowing maximum return. Also a small amount of tool maintenance is also included, cleaning, minor adjustments and lubrication etc.

On successful completion of a testing programme certification will be issued tracebale to the appropriate standard.

More information is available at:
considerable cost savings and reduced tool downtime

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