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Patent Landscape of Sports-Related Concussion

Patent Seekers Ltd News and PR from Patent Seekers Ltd - Published 08 May 2019 Liang Wang (MSc in Environmental and Energy Engineering from Sheffield University), Senior IP Manager at Patent Seekers showcases a ‘Patent Landscape of Sports-Related Concussion’ in the latest issue of The Global IP Matrix to tie in with this year’s World Intellectual Property Day campaign – Reach for Gold –taking a closer look inside the world of intellectual property sports.
“Since 2000 the number of patent filings appears to start to rise in 2010, with a big surge occurring from 2013 onwards; this may be attributed to the beginning of awareness of concussions in sports. The apparent dip in filings in 2017/2018 is most likely explained by applications that have yet to be published and would be claiming those years as a priority. It could be anticipated that the number of concussion- related patent filings will continue to increase in the coming years as to how to prevent sports related- concussion has become a huge topic globally. There have been numerous efforts for prevention and mitigation of sports-related concussion, including the use of protective equipment, improved sports regulations and legislation, concussion education and improved monitoring of concussion.”

To read the full article please see Issue 4 of The Global IP Matrix available at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PWqV1zDvn_mkJI0xmaOtMPPOXSrwMcrp/view

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"Since 2000 the number of patent filings appears to start to rise in 2010, with a big surge occurring from 2013 onwards"

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