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Multi-Laptop Cases for Professional Trainers & Educators

Hofbauer (UK) Ltd News and PR from Hofbauer (UK) Ltd - Published 10 April 2019 Here at Hofbauer, we offer cases that carry multiple laptops, yet we also provide solutions to the shipment of iPads, notebooks, MacBooks and more. We know how valuable these electronic items are, both in the monetary sense, and also in terms of any data. It is vital that such items are intact both externally and internally. There is always a risk when carrying such fragile items that there could be some damage en route if not adequately supported. Why take the risk when you could invest in a great case that is designed specifically to transport laptops and other such items? Read on to find out about just five great features of our multi-laptop cases.
Varied Range

You may already be familiar with our selection of ruggedized cases, designed to be hard-wearing and often shock-resistant. These ranges include Thermodyne, Peli, Peli Air, Peli Storm, Enduro Max, Polybox and Flitebag. Whichever is your favourite, you can choose to carry your laptops from A to B without a scratch by opting for our multi-laptop cases.


We offer a range of sizes, and our use of foam materials inside each case means that we can offer you a bespoke solution when it comes to the transportation of your laptops. This provides the flexibility to carry similar electronic products of differing sizes in the same or different cases. Whatever your requirements, we are sure to create your ideal case.


As well as the physical safety and security of preventing external and internal damage to your laptops and electronics, we also provide you with the ultimate protection against theft. Fitted with a range of security features such as padlocking points and security seal points, there are also several ID options. This includes the option to apply your corporate ID or logos onto the front of the case, which would also have the added bonus of promoting the business itself.
Our Peli, Enduro Max & Storm ranges are waterproof & airtight !


When transporting a whole heap of laptops, you can’t be expected to lug them around in a box without wheels. All the above would be quite useless when if you need to transport your laptops (for example, for training sessions, or when moving them from different buildings and rooms in schools) if not fitted with a great set of wheels. This option enables you to easily transport it using the handle, which is perfect when you know that your laptops won’t be stationary.


The ideal case for professional trainers travelling to clients business’s. We offer a great design service for all our cases, and the multiple-laptop cases are no different. We will be happy to customise your cases, making use of our many years of experience to create a case that is specific to your applications, and combines practical functionality with great aesthetics.

Contact Us

To discover more about our multi-laptop cases, please get in touch with us by filling out our online form, or by emailing us at [email protected] On this page you can find out more contact details and a member of our team will be happy to help answer any questions you may have for us.

Great protection for your training kit.....avoid damage & training can commence !

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