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All About Our Double Walled Technology

Hofbauer (UK) Ltd News and PR from Hofbauer (UK) Ltd - Published 22 June 2018 At Hofbauer, we aim to make your life stress-free with high quality cases that you can rely on in the most important situations.
Our cases offer the best protection, whether it’s a one-off trip, or a journey you make every day, whether you’re carrying fragile glass equipment, or electronics such as your everyday laptop. Our use of ‘double-walled’ technology does exactly what it says on the tin, providing you with an additional wall of protection that wouldn’t otherwise be there.

Why choose ‘double-walled’ cases?

This ‘double-walled’ technology reinforces the casing in order to fully protect its contents from the risk of any harm from the outside environment. This includes protection during transportation within extreme conditions, wherever you may be travelling. This technology is employed within a variety of products, including Megabag, Megabag TC, Quantum, Dimension, Multibag, and Mini TC.

What exactly is ‘double-walled’ technology?

By using two walls, a shock-absorbent air-cushion is formed between each side. Made from a durable impact-resistant polypropylene, this ensures that the contents of your case will be fully protected against any knocks it may face on its travels. ‘Double-walled’ is equal to having double the protection of other standard cases or suitcases.

What are the benefits of polypropylene?

As well as this innovative technology, the use of polypropylene certainly has its benefits. This material is known for its toughness, and its ability to withstand contamination, whether from chemicals, solvents, or extreme weather conditions. For the environmentally conscious, you can also be assured that polypropylene is recyclable.

Is it just the body of the case that’s protected?

The body of the case is protected, but it doesn’t end there. The ‘double-walled’ technology can also be implemented to mould the interior of your case to house your products. To rest assured that your case is completely protected, opt for the highest durability and your case will be virtually unbreakable, so there will be no threat that anyone would be able to damage or access the contents of your case.
‘double-walled’ technology reinforces the casing in order to fully protect its contents from the risk of any harm from the outside environment.

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