Hone-All Precision Ltd News and PR from Hone-All Precision Ltd - Published 02 April 2019 For our machines to work their best, we need to feed them accurate information. Here are a few pitfalls that can occur in the world of precision drilling, and how you can avoid them.
The Wonky Clock
When you’ve been working with a machine for a long time, it’s easy to let its quirks become part of the normal pattern of life. A bit like mentally adjusting for a clock that always runs five minutes slow, it is straightforward to forgive a machine or part for having a few oddities.

When you and your supplier have a long-standing relationship, these quirks are often understood. There’s no need to write things down on paper. At least, not until a new engineer arrives, or a new buyer enters the picture.

Without a clear paper trail, valuable knowledge can easily become lost. Keeping accurate, up-to-date drawings can easily ensure that this knowledge is safely preserved.

Pinpoint Accuracy
One-size-fits-all solutions can be good, but they are rarely a perfect match for a precision job. Detailed technical drawings can avoid holes that are honed a point of a millimetre too wide, or a point of a millimetre too narrow.

This detail is important for several reasons. Metals can expand and contract under stress, and have different characteristics of fatigue. The correct dimensions and depth mean that elements such as fatigue can be more precisely predicted. These calculations rely upon technical drawings with pinpoint accuracy.

Getting The Full Picture
Accurate drawings are a two-way means of communication. They allow you to tell the engineer what you want, and they also give the engineer a chance to offer feedback.

After all, people who have spent decades looking at technical drawings tend to develop quite accurate hunches for what works and what doesn’t. Today’s software capabilities also mean that plans can often be digitally visualised in advance.

Although analogue skills are still important in the world of honing and boring, digital visualisation is valuable, and relies upon precise information. Accurate drawings are therefore a crucial point of communication. This can boost productivity by saving time, and reducing the risk of errors.

Saving Time & Money
Sometimes in life, it’s the little things that matter. When it comes to precision engineering, those little things are often accurate drawings.

If you want to make sure that your drawings are accurate, we can help. Whether it’s a bespoke build, a precision part, or on-going maintenance, we’re ready to chat about it. You can get in touch by calling 0845 5555 111, or you can use our new instant chat service which will connect you with an expert in moments.
Without a clear paper trail, valuable knowledge can easily become lost

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