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GoGeothermal Stock Holding: Our Stock is Your Stock… £500,000’s worth of S

Go Geothermal Ltd News and PR from Go Geothermal Ltd - Published 25 February 2019 £500,000 worth of stock ready to be delivered to you!
Go Geothermal Ltd has been stocking and supplying all types of Ground Source & Air Source products to the trade for many years and is well established within the UK as a leading technical distributor by all the main brands of Heat Pump.

We offer a friendly and knowledgeable sales service to Trade Installers, to allow our clients to single-source all of their renewables requirements.

Products held include; Collector Pipe, Borehole Probes, Preinsulated Pipe, Header Pipe, Manifolds, Glycol, Water Treatment Fluids, Filling/Flushing Stations, DHW Cylinders, Heat Meters, Pipe Decoilers, Solar Aerovoltaic Panels, Fittings (i.e. Electrofusion, Rehau Everloc, Compression), Magnetic System Filters, Air Eliminators, Electrofusion Control Units, Refractometers, Scale Inhibitors, Feet for Air Source Heat Pumps, Hoses for Air Source Heat Pumps etc etc.

This means we can offer unrivalled delivery packages typically within 24hrs.

Call us today on: 01388 720228

Or see our website for our complete portfolio of our products and services:

£500,000 worth of stock!

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