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Enrichment of the mk Profile System

AdaptTech Manufacturing Solutions Ltd News and PR from AdaptTech Manufacturing Solutions Ltd - Published 29 November 2018 Two round variants will expand the existing aluminium profile cross-sections from the extensive mk profile system.
Two profile cross-sections with a diameter of 28 mm as well as a small number of form-fitting and stable connecting elements will soon expand the mk profile system. The new D28 round tube system was developed for lean production purposes to provide more streamlined and economical use of production resources. Almost any design for individual workshop and assembly equipment can be built using only 13 standard components.

Whether for supply trolleys, shelves, racks or extensions for workstations, the easy-to-use D28 round pipe system means that a single person can put together brand new structures or extensions with little effort. Profile machining is not required for the solid and load-bearing construction of standard elements.

The D28 round pipe system is compatible with the mk 40 series profiles, offering the possibility to combine square and round cross sections. This combines the advantages of both series, ensuring high stability and versatility as well as weight and cost savings.

The system can also be combined with round tube components from other market leaders, making it easy to expand any existing designs. In some cases, the range of functions and stiffness are even more extensive thanks to the innovative profile cross-section.

• Simple, fast and economical design
• Fast integration of existing applications
• Very easy installation with little effort
• Durable sturdy connection technology
• Easy connection to 40 series mk profiles with no need for profile processing
• Additional connection without obstructing edges using mk clamping connectors
• Fully compatible with round tube profiles of 28mm diameter
• Degree of assembly freely selectable (components, assemblies, complete solutions)
• Particularly light profile at 0.6 kg/m
The D28 round pipe system is compatible with the mk 40 series profiles

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