Dawson Precision Components Ltd (DPC) News and PR from Dawson Precision Components Ltd (DPC) - Published 26 October 2018 DAWSON Precision Components (DPC) is supplying world-class British engineered parts for thousands of 3-D revolving Revomaze metal puzzles.
The Oldham engineering firm is manufacturing components for Revomaze developer Ashton Pitt Ltd, based in Cumbria, which sells the cylindrical mazes globally.

Players need dexterity, memory, endurance and self-control to unlock the metal puzzles. They have to avoid traps and stick closely to tiny walls and bridges to find their way out.

DPC has so far supplied 5,000 mazes plus other precision-engineered parts including aluminium sleeves and stainless-steel drawbars and pins.

The first Revomaze puzzles went on sale in 2009. Since then, the range has expanded to 18 designs, each offering increasingly-complicated challenges.

Simon Dawson, managing director of DPC, said: “The Revomaze concept is a top-of-the-range maze or executive toy comprising brass nickel-plated bodies, stainless steel pins and draw bars, and aluminium outer sleeves.

"Our client, Ashton Pitt, wanted a highly-reliable precision engineer to manufacture the parts while they focus on promotional work and designing new puzzles.

“DPC first made parts for the beginner level blue-coloured maze. There are currently eight different versions in production with more planned.

“The mazes have very complex designs, with square and circular moves, different paths and depths. For example, the indigo-coloured game has seven depths.

"Precision-engineered parts include ramps leading from one level to another, sliders, pins and bridges. Some mazes include magnets.

“Machining the parts requires very complicated G-code programming for our equipment, which can take two days to complete.

"The client provides the designs for each maze then DPC works hand-in-hand with them to develop their designs into machinable parts.

“DPC uses a top-of-the-range Citizen M32 machine for the main maze bodies and a Mazak turn/mill centre for aluminium sleeves. Other Citizen machines are used to manufacture other parts.

“In addition, DPC’s product inspection and process control services are also critical. There are 21 aspects that we check thoroughly.

“The finish of the mazes is also crucial. The brass raised body is nickel-plated to a bright, durable finish.

"The outer sleeves are diamond-turned to get a beautiful finish, then colour anodised to match the particular maze design it is to be mated with.”

The Foundation Set of Revomazes are finished in Aqua, Blue, Green and Bronze colours.

The Master Set is coloured Indigo, Gunmetal, Copper and Mint. Further puzzles are Orange, Red, Black, Gold, Titanium, Lime, Purple, Salmon and Silver.

Commenting on the mazes’ global popularity, Dawson added: “There is a big scene around these including YouTube videos and online forums.

"A YouTube review of the Blue Revomaze by Mr Puzzle on how to complete the puzzle has nearly five million views. There are limited editions, collectors’ versions, puzzlers and gamers. There’s a real buzz.”
The mazes have very complex designs, with square and circular moves, different paths and depths.

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