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Producing bespoke furniture brackets

V & F Sheet Metal Co. Ltd News and PR from V & F Sheet Metal Co. Ltd - Published 29 August 2018 Interested in finding a reliable sheet metal company to make brackets for you?
Recently an interesting project came our way especially as it took us in a slightly different direction which is always an exciting prospect. The customer approached us and asked if we would be able to produce bespoke metal furniture brackets, specifically for use in the assembly of stools, chairs and tables. Although they had some very good ideas, they needed some production engineering support which we were happy to supply.

At the start of production the brackets were made from 1.5mm mild steel and placed in a selection of prototype stools, chairs and tables. This was a smart and useful exercise, as after a range of adults tried out the products in our customer's factory it was decided that a heavier gauge would be preferable so in the final product we moved up a gauge to 2mm. For all products we produced small and large brackets, but the tables required 90 degree angle brackets whereas in the stools and chairs, this was set at a 97 degree angle.

DataI was provided to us in a drawing format which we used to create 3D models using Radan software.With this particular job the brackets were made in batch sizes from 100-400 from CR4 mild steel, from sheets of 2M x 1M in dimension. We have an extensive library of forming tools and the holes visible on each bracket were produced using one of these tools. If you look a bit closer, it's possible to see that all of the holes are conical in shape allowing for a countersunk screw to sit flush in the final product. The customer helpfully sent us the correct screws to use which allowed us to experiment and finally obtain the correct form in the sheet. As always we are happy to work with our customer to accommodate their specific needs at the time of manufacturing.

Punching took place on our Trumpf 200 machine and finally the brackets were formed in to shape using our Trumpf 7036.

After a quick deburr the brackets are finally sent off for powder coating.The powder coated brackets were used by the customer in the production of very sleek and contemporary looking stools, chairs and tables.

Do you think we could help you with your sheet metal product? Please contact our engineering team at V and F Sheet Metal on 01489 577786 or drop us an email at [email protected] We are always keen to help improve our customer's designs to aid manufacturing and save them money.

The powder coated brackets were used by the customer in the production of very sleek and contemporary looking stools, chairs and tables.

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