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Strengthening ISI Inspection Services in the South East

Industrial Safety Inspections Ltd News and PR from Industrial Safety Inspections Ltd - Published 23 July 2018 Joining forces with Ontime Engineering Inspection Services Ltd will drive efficiency and stengthen our services in the South East.
Industrial Safety Inspections Ltd (ISI) and Ontime Engineering Inspection Services Ltd, leading providers of statutory engineering inspection services have joined forces to offer insurance brokers and clients an improved service, with Ontime Engineering Inspection Services becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of ISI.
Based in the South East, Ontime Engineering Inspection Services began its professional practice in 1999. Its growth over the past 19 years has been predominantly internal, stemming from the referrals of their client base and those of other professionals, and they have experienced good growth over this period.
Peter Trower, founder and Managing Director of Ontime Engineering Inspection Services;
“We decided to seek a merger with another company because we believe that a larger organisation will allow us to provide a wider array of services and more depth across the whole of the UK.
We conducted an extensive search looking for a company that shared our same core values. Industrial Safety Inspections exceeded our hopes for a company we could combine with and continue the tradition we have for professionalism, engineering and technical excellence, professional service, impartiality, client confidentiality, and customer care.”
Jamie Inglis, founder and Managing Director of Industrial Safety Inspections;
"The acquisition of Ontime Engineering Inspection Services provided an opportunity for us to strengthen our resources in an area where it can be difficult to recruit personnel with the professionalism and expertise that Peter and his team bring with them, and we look forward to working with them.
In-addition, pooling resources will allow us to reduce our field engineers’ areas, providing cost savings and service improvements through reduced travel time."
Pooling resources will enable us to strenghten our UK-wide Industrial Safety Inspections service.