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Who Risco are?

BM Security News and PR from BM Security - Published 20 July 2018 Risco Group have been offering state-of-the-art global security solutions to satisfied customers for over 40 years.
Why BM Security use Risco
It is of paramount importance that your security systems are reliable and robust both in your home and your business. We partner with Risco because they offer such high quality solutions with a vast array of options to suit all homeowners and business needs.

Risco for your home
With the RISCO Smart Home, users can control their lighting, disarm their security system, turn on the heat, and open the garage – all with a single click, from one intuitive smartphone app! It's a smart 360° solution. If you have a current Risco system without smart home, we can seamlessly provide an upgraded solution. Contact us to find out more. (add hyperlink)

Providing the best security solution
Risco Group develop cloud-based security, video monitoring and verification, and connected home solutions, delivering innovative, top quality and reliable security products for every type of security and safety installation for the residential and commercial markets.

Burglar deterrent mode
Back in the day we used to leave the lights on when we went out and sometimes even the TV but when you are going on holiday, this can be costly. Risco offer the ability to control your home from your phone whether manually, scheduled or triggered.

Manual Activation:
You can use your smartphone to turn off the lights, switch on your alarm system, and to manage the temperature of your home when you go out.

Scheduled Activation:
Your security system can be set to mimic regular activity, for example, turning lights on and off. This can be extremely useful method to deter burglars whilst you’re away on holiday.

Triggered Activation:
You can customise actions to be triggered in an event. For example, video verification whilst a burglary or the turning the light on, once an alarm has been activated.

Who is at my door?
Risco offer the ability to see who is at your door from your smartphone with their LightSYSTM2 technology. When someone moves near your front door, a motion detector will trigger a notification to your smartphone and you can see a real time visual from the camera on your front door. This solution can be installed both in homes but also in businesses as well.

Indoor wireless camera system
Risco also offer a wireless indoor security camera solution called Agility™ 3 that allows homeowners to control their alarm systems through their smartphones. Their eyewave™ technology allows you to see inside your home and their system comes with a wireless detector. In the event of an alarm, the cameras would be activated and this information would be sent straight to your smartphone to establish if it is a false alarm.

This alarm system is a great deterrent and a good solution to keep your family safe. It can also be used as part of an elderly care solution. Since Agility™ 3 is wireless, it means that you won’t have to redecorate when installing this alarm solution.

BM Security can discuss with you your security needs and establish which is the best solution for
It is of paramount importance that your security systems are reliable and robust

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