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Elsteel helps customers to deliver fully compliant electrical panel solutions

Park Electrical Services News and PR from Park Electrical Services - Published 05 July 2018 Read our recent article that appeared in Ulster Business Magazine, February edition

Elsteel (UK) Limited, part of the Park Electrical Services group, is the UK and Ireland distributor for Elsteel modular enclosures. The Techno Module system is distributed in over 25 countries around the world.

From three locations across the UK and Ireland (Belfast, Dublin and Wrexham) we design, mechanically assemble & supply to a network of partners capable of delivering electrical panel solutions to every sector of industry.

Elsteel (UK) Limited is an ISO 9001 accredited company with Investors in People credentials and strong year on year growth.

Techno Module is the worlds most tested modular enclosure system. A patented 200mm grid modular system for the low voltage switchboard manufacturing industry, successfully tested to IEC 61439-2 since 2009 with an ongoing test program ensuring that new features, components and devices are available as verified solutions.

The system incorporates all major OEM protective devices (ACBs, MCCBs etc), is rated up to 7100A and is easily costed using proprietary software, Techno Module Designer, allowing concept design and associated price to be realised in a very short time.

The latest European low-voltage directive and associated legislation focuses on the various sectors in the supply chain being able to demonstrate product conformity and CE marking – making it a must for assembly manufacturers to be able to demonstrate conformity with essential safety objectives and harmonised standards such as IEC 61439-2.

Our customers can rest assured that with the wealth of laboratory testing and after sales technical support that we can offer, every project can be demonstrated to comply with the strict requirements of the standard IEC 61439-2. In doing so this ensures that their customers take ownership of a low-voltage assembly that not only meets the needs of local and European legislation for a product, but that when in service the maintenance and modification can be safely managed to ensure a long trouble-free service life operation.

Design, Production & Sales teams are available to assist through early enquiry stage, quotation, design and final delivery of modular switchboard or motor control center solutions with type tested or verified design certification.
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Park Electrical Services design, mechanically assemble and supply the Elsteel modular enclosures

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