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Plastic Formers Ltd purchase UK’s first EFI H1625 SuperDraw from CMYUK

Plastic Formers Ltd News and PR from Plastic Formers Ltd - Published 22 February 2018 Plastic Formers has been supplying fabricated, moulded and engineered plastic components across trade and industry since the company’s inception nearly 50 years ago.
Founded and based in Manchester, they specialise in the manufacture, processing and design of plastic products.

It recently became apparent that in order to expand their product range, keeping them at the top of their game, an economical solution for the creation of filigree contours and smooth cut edges was needed.

“The suitability of the usual machining methods was very limited and involved expensive reworking.” says Daniel Jepson, Technical Director at Plastic Formers. “We keep all areas of production up to date with the latest and best technology, and realised that our Digital Print department had to step up its game in order to maintain this high standard. The EFI H1625 SuperDraw is the Holy Grail with its white ink, instant cure and laser proofs.”

This is the first Super Draw EFI printer to be sold in the UK and has put Plastic Formers in a leading position to offer innovative solutions in large quantities, within short lead times. The digital efficiencies and near-photographic image quality of the EFI H1625-SD wide-format printer mean direct print thermoforming is simple. It prints direct to a wide range of thermo formable plastics, eliminates costly and time-consuming screen or hand-painting processes, delivers near-photographic image quality with four colors plus white standard and eight-level variable drop grayscale printing capability.

The machine was supplied by CMYUK, independent suppliers of wide-format printers, cutters and materials. With a new Demonstration Centre based in Shrewsbury, they were able to offer Daniel and his team the chance to see the machine in action, as well as giving them the opportunity to test a range of different materials to see how it handled them.

“It was fantastic to see the machine running, and how easily it changed from one job to the next. We decide to purchase one from CMYUK on the drive home and have not been disappointed. It’s a great machine, CMYUK have been fantastic with their support, and we’ve been taking on jobs we didn’t have capacity to accept before,” concludes Daniel.

Sarah Winterbottom, Senior Digital Sales Consultant at CMYUK, says, “Combining Plastic Formers’ wealth of knowledge in this field, the continuing investment in ink technology from EFI and our expertise in digital print, this was the perfect investment opportunity. The purchase will open all kinds of creative doors for the company. It’s really exciting and we’re looking forward to seeing new projects unfold for them.”

This is the first Super Draw EFI printer to be sold in the UK