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BAJL Li-Ion 4.50 Ah extends the LINAK battery series

Linak-UK Ltd News and PR from Linak-UK Ltd - Published 27 February 2018 The LINAK lithium ion battery series BAJL is ideal for a variety of adjustable healthcare applications, such as hospital beds and patient lifts. The BAJL Li-Ion 4.50 Ah extends the range of options an
The number of mobility options for adjustable healthcare equipment increases with the release of a new battery – twice as powerful as the existing BAJL Li-Ion 2.25 Ah

The LINAK battery BAJL series has been extended with a new 4.50 Ah edition. Adding to the BAJL 2.25 Ah, the new power source gives manufacturers of adjustable hospital and healthcare equipment more options when adding mobility to otherwise cabled applications, such as patient lifts.

LINAK® BAJL covers a range of rechargeable lithium ion batteries all able to deliver more reliable performance than traditional lead acid batteries.

The most important features of the batteries BAJL include: stable speed performance, low weight that makes them easy to handle, a long operational life, and of course the fact that they are significantly more environmentally friendly than their lead acid counterparts.
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